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CYNTHIA PRATT  I believe on the power of enthusiasm and gratitude.

Hora de derreter as banhas barrigais na sauna. Gordurinha, gordurao, vai saindo de montão!
#xuxa #fuibaixinhadaxuxa

Lillybeth came over for some snuggles!

Well, seems like the new shampoo if showing results as promised. 😅😅😅😅 Okay guys, back on the day, I would have some clip on extensions. Then I got a "shorter than ever" hair cut and loved it. Have forgotten the extensions ever since. Just don't say I look better with long hair or our friendship will come to an end.

Testando a roupa de amanhã. Coisa de quem não tem o que fazer hoje... 😋 mentira, apenas estou cansada de limpar. Não existe dia de folga, mas dia de faxina.

Two of my top 3 favorite males on Earth!

Muito amor e muita saudade!

Macaxeira Ward, YW's! Some of my favorite girls ever.

This reminds me of childhood. My mom would juice oranges and carrots a lot. Most of the time she added beets, as well. But today, I am going without the beets.

I have been dressing up more (not after vacation though, I am recouping from post vacation disorder), a little bit more of make up, lipstick and some people asked me if I was interviewing for other jobs. But this taking care of myself thing was just a response to change things I have control over. I can't change people around me, corporate decisions, the negativity the world throws at me daily, but I can change the color of my lipstick, for example. I know if we let the environment control how we feel we will be opening the doors to all the negative vibes. And I don't want that! So I get that lipstick on, straightening my crown before leaving the house and I empower myself to face the world with faith, a positive attitude and some make up 😊 Tomorrow, I am back on the game!

That was a good trip.

@kohler0628 has a stratagem to win. Arm wrestling with @drummerinthewoods

@sierranoelpratt and @ernpratt and a surprisingly victory to...the girl!

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