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CYNTHIA PRATT  I believe on the power of enthusiasm and gratitude.

@ernpratt snapped this beautiful pic. It was on the evening. I wish the lights were on to show its magnificence!

For those wondering if we ate scorpions. I went there for it. But there was an overpowering fragrance on the #wangfujingsnackstreet that I am not used to it. Also, some alive scorpions. They were moving, as I hope you can see on the video. I have eaten ants in Brazil, fried in butter. They were delicious. But I couldn't do the scorpions. I ate potato chips, instead πŸ˜‰ on a stick! Isn't it exotic enough? #cprattssabbatical #prattsonvacation #beijing #China #mainhaeutonachina (mas ja voltei) #eitapoxa #howaboutscorpions

China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Beijing. Street Food for breakfast βœ” Lady making #jianbing for us. Very popular street breakfast, costs Β₯10, each and 1 is enough to feed a hungry adult. We found this stand on a calm #hutong around 9am. Second video is on the next day. We chose #jianbing again over hotel breakfast. We went back around 6am and she was still getting set up. We were her first customers that morning. Very satisfying food. On the first day we walked miles in #Beijing and it took us a while to get lunch. It provides carbs and protein which are essential to "march" and explore the place on your feet! #cprattssabbatical #prattsonvacation #wangfujing #streetfood #mainhaeutonachina (ja voltei) #eitapoxa #china

We wrapped up our stay in China hanging out with locals. Derreck and Ernie grew up together. He lives in Beijin with his family. That evening, I met his wife, Stacy, and the 5 of us had a lot of fun thanks to them! Good food, good friends and beautiful part of town we haven't explored. Derreck and Stacy were telling us about how China is ahead on mobile payment processing. They use Alipay and WeChat a lot. Multiple businesses appear to be in line with it. It was fascinating for me, since I am on this industry. See what I am saying when I repeat we have a lot to learn from China?

Our last day in #beijing. After getting breakfast we went to #tiananmensquare. It was crowded, not as much as on the holiday week. We miss our home but this experience has been amazing. We feel so blessed for being here! #cprattssabbatical #prattsonvacation #beijing #mainhaeutonachina #eitapoxa

Grandpas are the best, no matter where they are from. I loved seeing so many seniors exercising in the morning, on the streets of Beijin. It would happen eberywhere: outside if their building, at a public place. There they were exercising, stretching. So cute!
#cprattssabbatical #prattsonvacation #beijing #mainhaeutonachina #eitapoxa #China

When I say I want her shoes, I mean it! Girls are so cute and dress like little girls. Just how it is supposed to be! They are adorable!

Remember I mentioned a toboggan ride at the Great Wall? This is an option to come down from the wall to the area where the bus takes you back to the entrance. Ernie went leading the path and was able to snap this picture. This is a must do guys! They will close it down if a weather condition makes it unsafe (they warn you the ride is at your own risk but it is safe). There is a break you can use to stop the ride. I used it multiple times to not hit Ernie. There are multiple signs in English requesting you to slow down close to curves to make the ride safe. We had a blast! I think this is only available at this section of the wall, but I am not sure. #cprattssabbatical #Mutianiu #thegreatwallofchina #prattsonvacation #mainhaeutonachina #beijing #china #eitapoxa

Look at me wearing that denim top again! And those same shoes! Ugh!
#cprattssabbatical #prattsonvacation #mainhaeutonachina #eitapoxa #beijing #greatwallofchina #Mutianiu

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