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How are y'all?💙🤘just making sure everyone is okay. If you need to talk hit me up on my main account❤ im trying to reach 300 follower💫

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HEY EVERYBODY IT'S BEEN A WHILE❤ if anyone is thinking "where the fuck have you been?!" Then ya missed alot😉 just a reminder that you can catch me at 😄follow if you want to and leave comments. Hope y'all doing okay and are healthy❤ I hope to hear from you on my other account
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Take a look at my new account ❤😊I'll mainly post there from now on! Leave comments and likes if you want to😊

My new account is ❤ if you wanna follow do it! But pls be active and turn on my post notifications😊💫 thank ya'll I appreciate it!!

My new account ( ) read the caption of my first post before you follow😊 I'm keeping this account.

Oh daaamn so many people telling me to keep this account and I don't want to disappoint y'all. But it's always like that when you do what's good for you, you have to hurt people I guess. The only reason deleting this account is because I need the e-mail from this account for my new one🙊I'm trying to hack into an account I had when I was 12 right know so I can use that as a new account. I'm really trying to keeo this one but if there's no other way, I have to delete it. It's not gonna be that bad I'm still there for ya'll and annoy you with my loooong storys😂😂

Okay whaaat...this is my last post and it feels so weird🙊😂oh I'm trying to delete my account but I swear to god it will probably take some times because I'm so nervous😂😂

IMPORTANT! I'M PLANNING TO DELETE THIS ACCOUNT TODAY! I'M BUSY AT THE MOMENT BUT IF I CAN FIND THE TIME I'LL DELETE IT. so it's the last chance to tell me that you want to follow my new account. If I don't see you again, thanks for everything❤ I appreciate your support so muuuuch! Love ya, keep fighting and remember that you are beautiful!

Teachers really suck, I can't wait to leave this school and never see these shitheads again. FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!! Haha I'm so hyped for the day when I leave the school and show them all my middle finger👏😜😂 today was too much you little sucker, they act like they care about me and then stab me in the back. They called my mum and told her I don't study!!!! I'm so close to freaking out right now...I'm studying so so much and they don't give a fuck about it. One of the reason I'm anxious? Because everytime I do something it doesn't get
recognized. I know that I'm a dreamer in class sometimes, but that's because of the pills I take against my mental disorder. They make me sleepy. I fucking hate some teachers, fuck you so so much ugh. I'm glad that I have the best mum in the world, she knows I'm studying like no one else. I'm gonna miss my class when I'm from this school but I'm happy to leave all my teachers behind. Some of them were good, but most of them are just the worst. They wanna call my dad, like bitch dafuq?!😂what are you expecting? You just put a ton more pressure on me. But that's okay because I'll fucking prove you that I'm better than you. Literally I'm better than you, I treat people right. I'll work in a kindergarten in the future and I try to prepare them for shitheads like you are😌and to make this clear, it's really not my fault that they act like little bitches...they just love to put pressure on kids of divorce I guess🤗😂if that little bitch tells my father about my mental health I'll fight her, that's some private shit and I don't want anybody to know it. I'm good on my own, I'm barely tell people how I'm doing because of shit like this...I'm so in rage right now

Happy 50th birthday baby❤wow I just told car a happy birthday, nothing wrong with that.😂
I spend the last two hours with writing a poetry and it felt pretty good. Since I'm almost done with school I think a lot about my future and the expectations people have in me. I wanna work in a kindergarten later but I wish I had more time to do different things. I'm done with school on 2 month and you know what happens after that? 4 more years of school. Everyone has to go through that, but it feels like everybody is so sure about their future. I would also love to do draw, photograph, write and all that stuff but there's like no room for that. I don't have a 5-year plan for the future, and sometimes I feel guilty for that. I'm really doing fine right know and you don't have to worry about me!😊❤

Yesterday was such an adventure, for a few ours I was without any doubts and I was just living in the moment and had soooo much fun. I also had the best taxi drive of my live, we talked so much shit in the taxi and the driver was so done with us it was hilarious😂😂ugggh right now I just want the summer, I wanna go on vacation with a few friends but I'm not sure if it will happen but it would be so cool see the beach again and take pictures. My grandma has this very old Polaroid camera and I would love to take some pictures with it.❤hope y'all have a great day!

Oh god best party of my lifeeee. I'm sooooo drunk soory. I was hanging out with all my male friends tonight because they were soooo funny. I had the best taxi drive of my whole life, I'm not kidding I laughed so so soooo much. I feel great right now, I was so down the last few days because I felt so useless but tonight was just awesome. Everyone hugged me and danced with me. TOMORROW IS SCHOOL BUT FUCK IT I FEEL SO STRONG RIGHT NOW, I HOPE IT'S NOT JUST THE ALCOHOL.❤🔥I love y'all, don't give yourself up! Keep fighting!

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