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Marius Thrane  Senja, Norway🌍 @mittnorge Ambassador🎩📬

Dramatic scenery at Bøvær beach 👌#kildentiletrikereliv

Yesterday me and @krisvang climbed up to Istinden (851 meters above sea level). I have never climbed that high on snow before, so im quite pleased with that👍 It was a cold and windy experience 😅 When we got up we got to see a sunset combined with some aurora🙌 #kildentiletrikereliv #godmorgennorge

We hoped for some, but got the extraordinary! A day we soon won't forget 👍Even after years of aurora hunting, i still get amazed 😍 This is a Vertical panorama of the mighty Breitind ☺️ Check out @eventyr, @krisvang and @seffis for more fantastic photography.

Yesterdays show was captured at Bøvær in Senja 🙌 you can see @seffis and @krisvang playing in the sand 😅 #kildentiletrikereliv #godmorgennorge

Its been snowing so much lately! And yesterday we had a break from it so i had to go out and take some winterland pictures 🙌 look at all the small and weird snow formations 😅 #kildentiletrikereliv #godmorgennorge

Dare to dream bigger 👨‍🎨 #kildentiletrikereliv

You never know when the aurora is going to explode on the sky, and at some point you just have to stop on road in the middle of nowhere and capture what you can 😅 Hope you all had a great weekend 👌

Artic sunset 🌅🙌 #kildentiletrikereliv

This is how you greet her majesty 👸 Climb as high as you get and rais your hands into the air 😅

You know you are in northern Norway when the sun sets on one side of the tree, and the moon rising on the other 😅👌#kildentiletrikereliv

This is probably a situation you have experienced your self. I'm standing alone in the dark😳 Suddenly i hear footsteps, or breathing or the classic one with a branch breaking😱My fantasy comes into play and i start thinking about bears, wolfs or killers 😂 And i get freaking scared even though i know we dont have bears or wolfs in the area, and the last time i heared about someone beeing killed in Senja was probably never🙈 Fantasic how our mind works 😆Hope you all had a great weekend 👊#kildentiletrikereliv

Just a ordinary night at Senja 😅

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