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Darin Olien | SuperLife  Founder of SuperLife.com | Superfood Hunter, Author, Formulator


SuperFood Hunting in the Cerrado of Brazil finding the Baruzieta trees. The greatest and most delicious nut on the planet! Click on @eatbarukas
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Hunting for Baru! Ride with us as we search for amazing superfoods like Barukas.
If you’re like most people, you don’t really know where your food comes from.
We want to show you exactly where Barukas come from.
We actually SHOW UP:
🌱 We meet the people that collect it
🌱 We meet the people that produce it
🌱 And we spend the time in the communities understanding the process and issues they face.
Because it’s worth it - we’ll do Whatever it takes 💪🏻 to ensure you can trust and know EXACTLY where your food comes from.
#BeWell ☮️
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About last night....Super fun in Anaheim at SuperCross with BMX legend @mattpohlkamp
I love this sport. These guys are some incredible athletes! I want to get a hold of some of them and take their nutrition to the next level! Congrats @marvinmusquin25 for the opening win and a shout out to @kenroczen94 For coming back strong from a horrible wreck last year!
@supercrosslive @marvinmusquin25
#SuperCross #SuperCrossNeedsSomeSuperFoods #anaheim

Don’t Miss what we are up to this year! To tune in to the best tasting and most nutritious nut on the planet LIKE the @eatbarukas page and the FB Facebook.com/EatBarukas page to see what we are up to!
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Check out the full 3:00 video on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/EatBarukas .
1- Go to Facebook.com/EatBarukas
2- Like our page
3- Watch the full video of Superfood Hunter Darin Olien deep in the Cerrado of Brazil giving you a behind the scenes on how he is working to bring YOU the deliciously nutritious Baruka in a sustainable and fair way!
Enjoy. And as always EAT BARUKAS 🙌🏻❤️🌎🇧🇷
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Happy 2018!
May your year be filled full of clear intentions, actionable items, healthy habits with a strong heart and passioned purpose so you can cultivate, build and create the life, generate the change, you truly desire, full of joy, abundance, fulfillment and health!
#Healthy2018 #HappyNewYear2018 #Action #Createit #GettoWork

Happy Holidays from the Desert!
From all of us here who grew up in the cold as kids we decided to hang in the opposite place for our holiday! Eliza and I with Liz and @stevewrightnfl.
I am grateful for all of you and sending you are love.
Create Joy, Generate Health and Live your Purpose!
#Holiday #grateful #joshuatree #twobunchpalms

3 years ago today, I was unaware that I married a legitimate SuperHero! She may play one on TV but she is actually one in real life. One of the smartest, aware, beautiful, talented, driven, kind, connected and greatest people I know. So, yes, I married a SuperHero for real 3 years ago today and her name is Eliza Coupe. Happy Anniversary, Love. I love you very much. Thanks for growing with me and loving me.
#anniversary #love #solstice

I have some big dreams!
There is a lot of good I want to inject into the world and a lot of issues I want to uncover that are not good for us all. It feels overwhelming and sometimes met with a lot of resistance from people and ‘old’ ways of thinking as well as warn out systems keeping them in place. Well, GOOD, that is why I am going to do it in-spite of the fear, resistance, anger and old ways....for all those reasons it NEEDS to be done. Be ready 2018 is going to be a blast!
#SecretProjects #Health #Truth #Planet #Dreams #2018 #GoForIt #GoBigOrGoHome

When our modern world gets hit by Nature’s elements is both mind blowingly powerful and heartbreaking. I am so very sad for all of the families and animals that have lost in this and grateful for the warriors helping this situation.
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To all the firemen and women out there in my incredible state of California, thank you for being the caring, loyal, brave, committed professionals that you are. God help us with all the fires this year and especially the one now burning in my back yard. And please everyone, keep your pets inside and let the wild find their escape routes. Also, please leave an open bucket of water outside for those animals who might need refueling. It’s an awful, chaotic time and only together, helping each other, will we prevail. @us_hotshots @wildland_firefighters @santamonicafirefighters @young_men_and_fire @wildland_firefighters @wildlandfirefighting @ericmarshfoundationwildland #california #mypoorstate #homeofthebrave

Bhutan Kingdom is one of the most special places in the world. Surrounded by 23 of the highest mtns, the Himalayas in the world. I was there in 2007 looking at medicinal mushrooms, super fresh seaweeds, berries, etc. #bhutan #superfoodhunter #mushrooms #huntingforhealth

Every bite no matter what you ‘think’ your body is dealing with it or thriving with it! #plants

COFFEEFRUIT! You like coffee well the bean or really seed. They are then dried carefully together making up one of the greatest Brain Enhancing alchemy’s on the planet providing Brain-Derived-Neurotrophic-Factors (BDNF). And HUGE Antioxidant, free-radical scavenging ability for brain and body. I have spent a lot of time traveling, researching and seeing this process. Regular coffee DOES NOT give these benefits. It has to be done carefully and consumed together.
Not quite widely known in the market place yet however, we did put it in one formula the Cafe Latte of Shakeology both regular and vegan.
Look for it coming out in the market place in other ways too.
#Healthybrain #SuperFoods #superfoodhunter #huntingforhealth #KnowYourSupplements #knowyourfood #Plants #BDNF #beachbody #shakeology #superlife

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