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Darin Olien | SuperLife  Founder of and I am a Superfood Hunter, Author, & Formulator

Do you know what 15,000ft looks like in the Andes of Peru where only grass and the powerful plant, Maca grows and comes from? Well, here is a glimpse on one of my trips over the last 12 years going there. The Maca in the video has been harvested and is drying naturally in the make-shift tents for the next several months. Maca is one of the great tubers of the Andes and of the used by the Incas. Maca helps to regulate the Endocrine-hormonal system for males and females helping to modulate and regulate these vital systems for greater resilience and strength. #Maca #superfoods #huntingforhealth #Peru #SuperfoodHunter #Wellness #Plants #inShakeology

Join Tony and I at the First-Ever Paragon Experience where we Dive Deep on Health, Lifestyle and living a kick ass life with some all-start friends of mine you will love; @neil_strauss and @richroll and Many others
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​​ ​September 28-30th, 2018
Loews Coronado Bay Resort | Coronado, CA
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Plant Feist with Friends! My Colorado “family” who I have known for 22years. Ariel and I trained together while he was in the NFL. And Kristin, his wife maybe one of the greatest cooks on the planet creating, new plant-based recipes that blow your mind! And one of my California Brotha’s and another ex-NFL’er, Steve Wright. Great People, Great friends, Great Food, Great celebration of life and years!
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I am grateful for this country. We are not perfect but man, we have a lot of freedoms! Thank you for all the men and woman that have preserved our freedoms. I honor you and this freedom by living fully and contributing to things greater than me. #Grateul #Freedom #4thofjuly #LiveYourFreedoms

It’s all about the people and the environment when SuperFood Hunting! Once it is fair for them and good for the environment then you can have the best quality and potent, sustainable botanicals, herbs and super foods! #huntingforhealth #HelpingPeople #HelpingtheEnvironment #TakeAction #DontWaitForOtherToDoIt #SuuperFoodHunter

Go check out this action packed, emotional, incredible film with my boy, @joshbrolin You will not be disappointed! #sicariomovie #movieTime #theaters #HaveFun

Back a few years ago in the Brazilian Amazon harvesting Wild Açaí, hanging with some of the locals. Harvesting Açaí helps to stop deforestation by providing income to these people. Açaí is a great nutrient rich palm-fruit. I am currently looking into other palm fruits that is not known and potentially more impactful on health and sustainability. #huntingforhealth #Superfoodhunting #superfoodhunter #Acai #Superfoods #Brazil #Amazon #Nature

Sometimes through marketing, business, fads, misinformation people don’t get the true story...It is fun and in my DNA to deliver the Truth and to do that to over 15000 people directly in Indianapolis for Beachbody Summit is very rewarding especially with Isabelle and Carl. I have dedicated my life to making sure people get potent foods and nutrition so they can be healthy and live their dreams without a failing body and Shakeology is a hell of a vehicle of powerful Superfoods, botanicals and herbs that have been tested, visited in countries of origin to insure quality standards are the highest.
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Definition of most humans these days! (no offense to Nike’s swoosh)
#DoTheOpposite #DontGoToSleep #GoCreateYourLifeAndDontTakeNo

Love hang‘n with this guy and sharing smoothies(last picture slurping Shakeology). He also tests me all the time, pushes my buttons, won’t listen, wakes me up at night, try’s to go after innocent little animals, but the older he gets, the more I understand him and he, me, our connection strengthens! I am blown away when we look into each other’s eyes and there is literally another being looking back. What a gift! #ChagaTheDog #germanshepard @kempkes_executive_k9 best trainers, breeders and people.

Nation wide release of my Baruka dance with my new Nut-Hat line! 🤣. If you have not tried these delicious, super-healthy and truly Wild foods that support the environment then your life is not complete! 😇. Go to @eatbarukas or and be blown away! I promise!
#GoodforYouGoodForThePlanet. #SuperFood #HealthiestNutsInTheWorld #SupportTheEnvironment #SuperFoodHunting

India 2003! The trip I decided my truth was Hunting for Health and Hunting for SuperFoods!
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