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✌👑 Geoff  Uh. I'm bad with biographies. Help. What am I even supposed to say here? I game and I'm awesome I guess. // He/His/Him

Surprisingly a great filter with no filter. Just low lighting.

Not sure if I'm doing this right. 🤔 #mercycosplay #mercyoverwatch #cosplaywip #evafoam

Heroes never die!!! Got the leotard for Mercy. Up next, white arm things and sewing it all together. #malemercy #cosplaywip #mercyoverwatch #overwatchcosplay

When has your problematic fav ever?

Slo mo 😺

Because if T shots weren't any more gay. 😇

I give her undying love and respect and this is how I'm treated?!?!

Local boy confused as to why he's awake this early tbh.

My newest YouTube video is up on my #ftmtransition #hrt #gaming channel! Check out the link in my bio. Sadly the quality isn't the best, but I just got my Elgato and found out I can record that way, so I'll use that next week! #transgender #transguy #bioshockinfinite

Sometimes you gotta look fly when you go out.

Both skirts turned out perfectly!! #cosplaywip

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