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20/20th is Live! 💉 Carb Addict “I’m seeking help” 🍩🍕🍔🍟

Mega bonus & mishap drop. We’re now adding items to the shop now. To help out, we decided to post today’s 20/20 at 9am pst so you can focus on mishap and bonus.

Final post before tomorrows 8am pst drop: Final shot to ask any final questions. We don’t want you to wait until the drop to ask questions because we wont be able to guarantee a prompt answer during that time.
We have a lot of items dropping tomorrow. Not to mention the $20 on the 20th (20/20) collection piece. One of the most requested items by far, next to the Junk Food Jacket, is this WW bags bonus stock. It’s also one of the lowest in quantity.
Word of advice: The bonus stock on these may sell out fast. So for those of you that have your sights set on this bag we suggest you go directly for it. For example don’t stop on isle 5 to pickup whatever the new 20/20 design is because that’ll be a pre-order with a 200 piece max cap. You can always go back and get that after securing your bag.
Also note, during the drop if you have any customer service order questions, issues or concerns, please email us. We strongly encourage you not to comment about an order issue you’re having or send via DM to get lost in the black hole of messages🕳🤷‍♂️

It’s all going down at 8am pst sharp: We have over 200 pieces of mishaps going up tomorrow (average of $10-$25). Tees, hoodies, sweats, leggings, hats, and jackets. That’s just mishap😅, separate from the bonus stock.

🧢In preparation for this Friday’s drop we actually found some bonus & mishap snaps. The All Natural Pooh released and sold out last year.

This is not a bonus stock piece dropping Friday. This crop is one of the pieces from our new “Her Power” collection. The inventory has just arrived so we’d like to get a refresher of what crop size you think you wear. #toughandgirly

🎂We were going to add the bonus ‘Cake’ pieces, but we may wait and add to the hoody drop of it. #lovemesomecake

🕷🐢🐀 Anybody miss these? #megabonusdrop

On Friday there will not be unlimited quantities in sizes, styles, or colorways. Some designs may only one piece available. #megabonusdrop

💎A couple of Friday’s ‘Bonus Drop’ hidden gems: As a reminder, no items are not going up for pre-order. Only originally printed items will be part of the drop.
Newcomers beware, because existing customers can be savages at times😈🛒🔫. They may even go after a design they already own just for a backup.
Fridays items will be in select colors and sizes. Requests for a certain size won’t be necessary. A few people asked if there’s any leggings going up, and yes there’s a couple pairs/designs.

🏋️‍♀️What piece(s) from our WW bag set do you own?:
We won’t be as active with posts in the beginning of this week due to the amount of work ahead of us to prep for the end of the week.
📦We’re finally getting all the orphan pieces, order changes, exchanges and cancellations posted for another Superfresh “Mega Bonus & mishap Drop”. Your chance to come up on items from their original drops that’ll never be made again. (All stocked no pre-orders).
🛒We make an effort to do these every 3-4 months. In the lineup will be items from last Black Friday as well as the Wonder backpacks we mentioned last week. There will also a few organizer pouches being shown at the end of this break down clip in the bonus drop.
🗣Even though we won’t be posting a ton, we will be monitoring the comments for any/all questions you may have. Existing customers feel free to ask anything you may be curious of and new customers, this is a great time to get caught up with how the brand operates. #superfreshclothes #limited


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