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Xiuqi liow  LSE General Course | Sep '17 - June '18 🇬🇧 I'd rather be a comma than a full stop

It’s been half a year! So fast so furious!!

An untypical phenomenon that called for winter activities at the start of Spring ❄️

4th city to visit in the UK; glad we had our dim sum fix @ubberkat @leonardliow and a bit disappointed I didn’t get to catch all hail snow rain sun and thunder all at once 哈哈(before I sound ungrateful I am extremely appreciative of the many sunny days in London) thank you for having me over @ubberkat!

Gr8 to be alive

Hej København 🇩🇰 pricey smørrebrød and big Danes and wide lanes and cold weather will all be etched in my mind!!

11 weeks of Michaelmas Term ✅

Red vibes

When you're supposedly out of Asia but ...

Been some time since I've updated this space. After internship, I got busy with preparations for my final year of university abroad, and felt like I hastily took off to the UK, as if I left something behind.
This was one of the hardest decisions that I have made and it took me the longest time too (a span of 8 months or so). Will I be able to graduate with a desirable class honors? Will I be able to survive the challenge of the academic rigor? Is the experience worth the money?
I have chosen to take the path of greater uncertainty to learn and grow more.
For better or for worse, I believe this will be an experience I will remember for life.
As much as I would like to update about my life here, I might not be able to but @suzyinlondon can! Catch that space for more updates!
It's been a good 10 days here so Cheers!! (As the Brits would say lol)


Does absence make the heart grow fonder I think yes

The past few days of intense preparation eventually led to a fruitful community engagement session yesterday morning. Am glad to have had the chance of understanding a little better about the older residents at Chong Pang who saw the transition of old kampungs to developed buildings and aiding them in recollecting some fond memories from their younger days.
Looking forward to the next phase of internship starting tomorrow. Learning is good learning is life learning is for growth learning is for the sake of ever changing learning is so as not to be obsolete in society!!

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