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Xiuqi liow  I'd rather be a comma than a full stop


Does absence make the heart grow fonder I think yes

The past few days of intense preparation eventually led to a fruitful community engagement session yesterday morning. Am glad to have had the chance of understanding a little better about the older residents at Chong Pang who saw the transition of old kampungs to developed buildings and aiding them in recollecting some fond memories from their younger days.
Looking forward to the next phase of internship starting tomorrow. Learning is good learning is life learning is for growth learning is for the sake of ever changing learning is so as not to be obsolete in society!!

I can now say that I'm no longer a suaku who hasn't properly been to JB and am thankful for this day trip WEW it was all great fun I feel liberated from this academically intense year gr8 day πŸ’―

Day 200 πŸ’ͺ see you soon

When they smash my heart into smithereens.
Years ago we were singing this very tune and yesterday night we got to hear it live thank you friends so damn happy we made it there!! @sexyisthesex @superdamncool

Acknowledgement of one's existence can go many ways. This year, I want to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone. I want to be more responsible for myself. I want to be more significant.
Today I want to celebrate your existence (yes you who are reading this) as well, especially those who have been by my side.
Thank! You! For! Existing!
Usually I don't such cheesy captions.

Had a short but great getaway πŸ‘Œ

Have to use a throwback photo because LDR. Sucks. I feel better by telling myself we're! past! the halfway mark!!!!

Would love to crack a rooster joke but that would be a little too cheeky πŸ”

When you realize it's been 7 years but you're still a band geek

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next year you decided ok don't need it gonna spend time with the Christmas lights in UK now you spending it alone 😏

I'm so stupid I sent a merry Xmas surprise to @rondal without considering the fact that delivery service employees and counter clerks have Christmas breaks too now he's receiving it as a new year gift kudos me.

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