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Repost from @blackvoicesuncensored using @RepostRegramApp - It’s amazing to think over a year has past since @kaepernick7 took a knee in week 3 of the 2016 NFL season. This year the knee during the anthem has taken on a whole new meaning. For all the critics who say the knee is about the flag or about the military you should take the time to find out why instead of thinking you know what it means.
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Repost from @therealblackhistorian using @RepostRegramApp - In the rural South, Saturday was often considered β€œblack people’s day,” when African Americans were welcome to come into town. β€œSaturday was the day all the black people were supposed to go and shop,” one South Carolin- ian recalled. β€œ Those white folks didn’t want you to come to town in the week- day at all. They wanted you to come on Saturday.” In cities public facilities might be open to African Americans one day per week. The Overton Park Zoo in Memphis was open on Tuesdays for blacks. On those days, a sign out- side the zoo announced β€œNo White People Allowed in Zoo Today” by order of the Memphis Park Commission. When the Fourth of July fell on a Tues- day and it was important for whites to have access then, blacks were allowed entrance on Thursday. Sometimes white space became black space once a year. For a while after the end of the Civil War, whites in Charleston, South Carolina viewed the Fourth of July as a Yankee holiday and, as a consequence, avoided making holiday excursions to the Battery, a city park at the tip of the peninsula. Blacks seized the time and flooded into this white people’s park for a day of picnicking, children’s games, and socializing.

At other times, temporal separation was a concept incorporated as a routine part of daily life. In a movie theater with a single exit, blacks sitting in the balcony were expected to wait as whites seated on the main floor were allowed to exit first. White doctors who were willing to take on African-American pa- tients might set aside separate office hours so white patients could avoid blacks. Commonly, United States Army posts had duplicate facilities for the races, but when some training areas, like the firing range, were shared, segregation became an issue of scheduling white and black use at different times. In so- called β€œsundown towns,” African Americans were not allowed to be within the city limits after sunset. They could work or shop there during the day, but a sign might advise them: β€œNigger, Don’t Let the Sun Set on You in Orange City.” South Carolina used the strategy of temporal separation to manage racial contact in the state’s

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