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Real Talk

To all my haters...have a nice fkn day!!! Haha

This shit is funny!!! Lmao

Me and my baby girl =)

So true!!!

Gotta stay fly!!! Haha

Me and my sista Vera the pain in my ass haha

My favorite pic of me and my niece!!! I love u SO much aunties baby girl <3 we had so much fun this day good times

Had so much fun with my baby girl my sister and the lil ones =)

Fake Christians always judging people...Some of them need 2 mind there own damn business and stop interfering with other people's lives grow up and stop running ya mouth u got something 2 say about me say it 2 my face stop hiding behind ya wonder y church's are falling a part 2 many busy bodies mind ya own business...Only God Can Judge Me!!!!

=( feeling down n out!!! Fml

Lisa like whatever punk!!! Haha

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