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Mrs. Young-Byron  The OFFICIAL Supa Blackgirl/TYB page! YCDT, Addiction, PAVAC, GGirls, Fly khicks, Former Heat Dancer & Step It Up Docuseries. I ❀ my DST! @ycdtdance


And so are my young ladies...Goodnight! Sleep well...

Exposure. Thankful for it all! @bet
Me being me (different and controversial I suppose) over the years, is what has helped to put my dancers/school/company on the national and international map. I wasn't built to operate like everyone else. #UnapologeticallyMe #SupaBlackGirl

When the parents support you πŸ™Œ Thank you so much ladies...you are sincerely appreciated. #GgirlParents #LoveAndSupport #TenToesDown #TheTenaciousTen

My beautiful scholars headed to class. #MNWGgirls #TheTenaciousTen #PavacDance #Ycdt 09.25.17 Beautiful on and off the field.

So this is what viral feels like? Publicity is publicity. Just that more exposure for my young ladies and I. I wonder if Ellen and/or Wendy Williams will have my Ggirls and the MMB perform on their shows? πŸ€” #TurningWhatWasMeantToDestroyIntoSomethingPositive #FiveThousandNewFollowersOnInsta #Positivity #SupaBlackGirl #MNWGgirls

Mama, we made it!!! Thank you @theshaderoom πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ All this attention will make even more young ladies want to attend Miami Northwestern Senior High! Student enrollment for next school year just increased!! Whoop whoop! #Positivity #MNWGgirls

Thank you πŸ˜™

"Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper" -Beyonce #SupaBlackGirl #Melanin #MakeupByMe #MNWGgirls #TheTenaciousTen #TenToesDown

TEACHABLE MOMENT! So are they strippers in training and trash also? Are their fathers absent from their lives? Are their mothers stupid? Inquiring minds wanna know? These talented beauties are clearly under the age of 10. Is their attire also inappropriate? None of them have on any tights. I'm just trying to figure some of you Black folk out. You see...because I'm a dancer...a real one, I know that these are nothing more than costumes. Costumes that are creative but most importantly, appropriate dance attire that allow for movement w/o restriction. Does it make these little girls hoes? Does it make their directors trash? For the record, I'll never see anything wrong with these images/costumes. #WeGottaDoBetter #TheKidsArentSexualYourBrainsAre

2017-2018 MNW GGIRLS...costumes 1, 2 & 3. #TheTenaciousTen #DesignedByGodTouchedBySupa

@pekentrell THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜™
Thank you to all of the mothers & fathers of my young ladies for your support! Thank you @letsgetglammed_ and @king_of_reads Whoop whoop!!

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