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tumblr | ily 1k ;)  [✨] tumblr [🌴] tropical theme [πŸ‘‘] goal 1.5k by 1/7

Last post of this theme πŸ’—
It's raining rn and I'm just wishing it could be summer ugh 😭
q; rate this theme out of 10

Haven't posted in a while whoops πŸ˜‚
Please do my sayat and tell me what you think of my acc (link in bio)
q; what's your eye colour? πŸ‘€

Omfg babes 1k!! πŸŽ‰
Ahh thankyou all sm for helping me reach my goal ❀

Got back from holiday today and omg it was so good! πŸ”₯
Also I arrived back to 60 tags and about 50 follows so tysm and I will try to return today aswell as likes as I've been inactive πŸ’—
q; comment for a fb / lb

Hey y'all I'm on hol rn having such a good time! ❀️
But I'm, finding it rly hard to be active so dm for fb and stuff and I'll do it all when I get home πŸ’‹
q; cropped or non cropped top?

Yass finally Easter holidays! πŸ’«
Going away tomo so gonna be inactive for a week sorry guys 😫
q; choc or sweets? 😝

900 omfg πŸŽ‰πŸ’˜
Cant believe I gained 100 in a day
Can I reach 1k by the 10th? πŸ’“
q; tumblr or fandom account?

So hyped for summer 🌞
Ty babes for liking my recent & being active too πŸ’•
q; comment your recent emoji
Can we reach 900 tonight?

Oml 800 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Ilysfm hopefully soon I'll reach 1k!
q; coconuts - yes or no?

So annoying that when I had 500 followers I'd get 150 likes and now I have almost 800 followers and I barely even get 60 likes πŸ˜…
q; when did you make your acc? πŸ’“
a; early January

Lol i said I was gonna post less but I've actually ended up posting more πŸ˜‚
Probs cause I really like this theme πŸ’“
q; Keep the story going : once upon a time ...

Changed around my bio a bit πŸ˜†
This looks so good!! 😍
q; do you have siblings? πŸ‘₯
a; yes a brother and sister

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