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Sunshine Coast Council  #sunshinecoastcouncil. Book for EcoVenture 2018 | Abseiling | Creek Scrambles | Conservation

That view! πŸ‘Œ The coastal pathway at Mooloolaba, rated by @carolelvin as 'running heaven'. 'It snakes along the coastline, undulating up and down headlands, is wide enough for all the friendly people and with views like this it never gets boring.' Glad you enjoyed it Carol! 😊
The coastal pathway is the #sunshinecoast's longest shared pathway stretching fromΒ Bells Creek in the south to Tewantin in the north. The Maroochydore coastal pathway connection stretches 4.4km from Cotton Tree Park to The Esplanade, Mooloolaba. πŸ“· @carolelvin thanks for tagging #sunshinecoastcouncil

A day of remembrance 🌹 Anzac Park Kings Beach headland πŸ“· @romyrose β €
#honourtheirspirit #remembranceday #LestWeForget

How amazing is this? Art has come to life in Caloundra with augmented reality πŸ‘€
The Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea mural by artist @george_rose Rose jumps off the wall thanks to augmented reality created by Sutu.
Experience it for yourself at 16 Bulcock St Caloundra - just download the EyeJack app and make sure you tag #artscoast and #downtowncaloundra

🐒 We know some of our favourite visitors are on their way, and you probably know that they lay eggs, but did you know Loggerhead turtles love to eat shellfish? β €
Yes, Loggerhead turtles are known for their large head and powerful jaws which are used to crack into their favourite foods such as molluscs, shellfish and crustaceans. πŸ¦€πŸ¦ β €
They must eat their fair share too- because they can grow to be 1.5m long and weigh up to 180 kg! β €
πŸ“²If you see a nesting turtle or tracks call Turtlecare on 0437 559 067 or Coolum Coast Care Group on 0403 370 157β €
#wildlifewednesday πŸ“· Geoff Miles

Out with the tide at Shelly Beach, Caloundra. Beautiful colours and shapes of nature revealed 🌊 πŸ“· @romyrose. #sunshinecoastcouncil #visitcaloundra

πŸ–β˜€οΈ Families at Kings Beach this weekend enjoying the amazing weather β›± πŸ“· @aimeless_travellers_dronesta

Here's something to check out over the weekend - the new animated mural at the top end of Bulcock Street Caloundra. It's titled The Looking Glass Fish in the Deep Hue Sea and has been animated with augmented reality AR - just download the @eyejackapp to see the mural come to life πŸ‘Œ Shout out to artist @george_rose and @first.coat. #sunshinecoastcouncil #artscoast #downtowncaloundra

Vegan bats? Bats and flying foxes have long been associated with vampires and all things 'spooky' about Halloween.
This is largely due to a species known as 'vampire bats' that live in Central America that can feed on blood of other animals. πŸ¦‡
Thankfully, here in Australia, our native flying foxes are more of the "vegan variety"- subsisting on a diet of fruits and nectar as they help pollinate forests across the country.
#HappyHalloween #WildlifeWednesday

If you're heading to Alex Skate Park heads up that the skate park will be closed while we're doing maintenance and resealing work next week from Monday 5 to Friday 9 November, 2018β €
β €
Get your skating fix at one of our other #SunshineCoast skate parks (check out the locations on the beaches and parks directory on our website)

πŸ– Pull up a seat and watch the world go by 🚒 The viewing platform at Kings Beach is a perfect spot to take in the crystal waters of @visitcaloundra and do a spot of ship spotting πŸ“· @wandering_wherever πŸ‘

Abseiling, creek scrambling, conservation | If this sounds like your ideal weekend then EcoVenture 2018 on 17 November is for you! β €
β €
EcoVenture 2018 is a chance for 18 to 20-somethings to discover a wild place where conservation meets adventure - take part in tree planting, then choose your own adventure from abseiling to creek scramble.β €
β €
Registrations are open til 3pm 15 November. Booking link in our bio β €
β €
#ecoventure #sunshinecoastcouncil #visitsunshinecoast

πŸ– Great to see everyone out enjoying the new viewing platform and facilities at Cliff Hargreaves Park, Currimundi Lake β˜€οΈ πŸ“· @visitcurrimundi

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