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Today was incredible!! Hustle In Silence... 🔇
Let The Success Make The Noise🎥

Transitioning back into society after doing damn near a deacade in prison is not easy. Some women come home lost. Some modify into an entire different human being and lose their focus. And then there are a % of tunnel vision-steadfast-stick to the script-never give up women like you! You are a true believer of sisterhood. You've been home almost 3 years and all I see is a growing woman who is evolving into nothing but greatness. When it comes to friendship I admire your principles and morals.
You've written your book- secured 4 t.v situations which 2 have aired on television. Congrats on that! I'm incredibly proud of you. Although living in Atl I l've always tried my best to keep you in the loop of any and everything p.p.c had going on in NYC. Just your appreciation and being grateful of the smallest things speaks volumes to your character. You created your clothing line @freeprettygirls- Started your non for profit organization which is your give back to other formerly incarcerated women. You are a phenomenal mother- a teacher and when need be "A Student" What I love about you the most is that you've been soley offered so many things but always included the entire clique. That alone speaks volumes. Thank you for all you do in public and in private. When you said "Death Before Dishonor" I can honestly say you stand what you do!
Happy Birthday To A Real One My Prison Sister @Freeprettygirls #BrandiDavis
#FreePrettyGirls #Entrepreneur
100GranBran #Detroit #Bmf

Some won't ever get the "big picture" because they're too busy trying to be in it📸..... I was told I see the good in others even when other people don't see it.... That's because I know what it's like to be misjudged. I say that to say --A Queen will turn her pain into power. And she will champion those around her to push forward... I'm FLAWED- I'm not PERFECT... But I learned a while ago you don't need to be perfect to inspire others!!! Just motivate & Inspire them with how well you Deal with your imperfections 💯You had to be here to hear the conviction in my voice! Who ever you are.... Keep Pushing!! Make sure you're walking in PURPOSE...🤲ONE LOVE ✌ ___________________________________________________ repost via @instarepost20 from @wkgfreshphotography @sunnymoneyqueens delivers powerful message as she accepts her award at the @dropyoselfie 4th annual women's history month awards.

@iluvsunny101 @elitelearnersinc @naildbyceline And @poshladyextensions
Presents "Cinderella Project"
The Cinderella Project provides junior and senior girls prom dresses, while building self-esteem, self-confidence and highlighting importance of giving back to others.

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-Hustle like you got no friends -Grind like no one has my back...
AND SOMETIMES WORK ON YOUR DAYS OFF.... ___________________________________________________

This temp cell phone is killing me! I get my cell phone back tomorrow.
Again apologies to anyone trying to reach me.

As I bring my financial expert career to a temp halt on fixing, repairing and rebuilding personal credit and move towards HELPING ENTREPRENEURS WITH BUSINESS CREDIT- Financial courses/curriculums/Public speaking/ Mentorship/Curriculums for at risk youth I didn't want to just leave you empty handed...... _________________________________________________
I've been a credit and financial expert for 13 years through my business and certifications. But my experience has been for over 19 years. My first client was in 1998. My mother allowed me to build and structure her credit. She's at 800Fico. My passion for helping others achieve financial freedom has and will always be a passion of mine.... I've added so much knowledge in here for both personal and business.
Credit repair is not a quick fix. If you are serious about understanding, improving and protecting your credit, you’ll have to make a commitment, and then follow the steps discussed in this book. Some of these steps require time and hard work to complete, others you can do fairly quickly. And for some, you may have to wait until your finances are under better control before you dive in. With each step, the author and financial expert will walk you through the various options and warn you away from alternatives that might make your situation worse.
Sunshine Smith Williams .
"Wine and Wealth Volume I"

If you want go be a blessing.. you gotta be a blessing to others. 2 awards in one night ... thank you @dropyoselfie and @repyohoodz_global "NOTHING CAN STOP ME I'M ALL THE WAY UP"....

When your best friend @preciousparis introduces you to @bet tv producer @sitalewis AND her plant based moisture skin and hair products @miraclebuttercream
You ever watched "Citas World" on B.E.T....Cita's World was a hit show on BET back in the day. The show cleverly used voice acting and animated characters; it ran TV in the 2000s. Cita was raw with her dialogue and kept us laughing....... Listen To Me Clearly!! These products are the best! My body feels so good. Between the "Grapefruit" and "Amber" Miracle Butter Cream and these organic hair products I stopped looking .....last week I was conflicted if I should go back to protective styles. I'm grateful for this product. ___________________________________________________
Thank you so much Queen @sitalewis
Everyone else support this product. My feet and elbows feel like a babies azz. 😘

Things always looks easy when watching from the outside looking in. I was engaged twice before I got married. I miscarried a few times before I had my child. It took me damn near a decade to get my bachelor's. I got fired from three jobs before I started my firm. I was betrayed by 20 alleged "friends" before I actually met a real one. WE was denied a few times for a mortgage before we got our home. Denied three times before we got our second. My king tried getting out the street and took his last to invest in a cab stand. The Cabstand burned down on farmers blvd in September 2009 while we were in the Bahamas. Our restaurant in Staten island was destroyed by Storm Sandy In October 2012 after putting our last 30,000 grand into it. Our homeless facility real estate closing was so hard we was damn near in tears when we heard "clear to close" Terrence Heath can vouch on that! But we NEVER GAVE UP!!! We lost ALOT before we gained- INCLUDING FREEDOM!! some you know publically most in private...And we always made LEMONADE FROM LEMONS!! But outsiders may not see that..They see the current status now WHERE we look COMFORTABLE💯👑 All the seeds we've planted are flourishing... So if you see us happy and successful just be happy for us.
The point I'm trying to make Is if things were so easy you wouldn't appreciate it. If the universe wants you to grow you will become uncomfortable with your position in life.
Thank God for the process because that struggle is what is molding you..that struggle makes you appreciate life in general..the struggle will humble you and allow you to take it to the top.. You can get there by yourself faster but a team will get you further. Team Work Make The Dream Work! Give the people who helped you along the way their acknowledgement while they are here. Don't wait until they are no longer here to give them their flowers. So today I Thankyou and love you King @hwarbuckz
Thanks for believing in me, pushing me and even if I'm ever in the wrong correcting me.Thanks for being you!

I love this post. One of the realist when describing narcissists.
A person who doesn't hold themselves accountable can be very very dangerous. We must be very careful of these kind of people.
When you're a good person You don't lose people.. people lose you 🗣

Turning my vision board into my scrap book. Who knew this New York City Housing Authority baby would be the rose that grew from concrete!!??? Thank you @ @infinitylovefoundation

In honor of womens month I am humbled and honored!! Thank you so much @infinitylovefoundation for "Women making a difference in the community" honoree. I believe when helping the less fortunate we must leave the cameras at home. I rarely discuss my philanthropy and humanitarian contributions via homeless shelters/re entry facilities because it's not always for the entire world to know. How you discovered my work in the community was a mystery to me...but that means people are watching. We influence, motivate and inspire people we don't even know. The universe has a phenomenal way of rewarding those who are genuine for their cause. I will be there to accept this award along side the other great honorees!
Thank you I am forever grateful, and humbled by this!! Bless up! @infinitylovefoundation

I got honored today yall ...As I grow my passion for the youth does too. Sometimes I cry in my car after my classes are done. I break down after my students hug me or tell me I'm changing their life about loving themselves. Yesterday one of my students stayed after class and said "Can I just have a hug?" I know I'm on purpose. I pray my life gems save them during their road map of life. Thank you @elitelearnersinc for acknowledging the work I do for the community and the youth.

repost via @instarepost20 from @elitelearnersinc 👑Today we had a panel of three Extraordinary Queens for our Women’s History Month Empowerment event at Brownsville Academy High School. The entire Elite Learners, Inc. Team would like to extend a Heartfelt Thank You to all our Panelist! @farahnlouis @aminta_williams @sunnymoneyqueens & Male Panelist @hwarbuckz Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You all shared unique and inspiring stories. You did an amazing job! Empowered Women Empower Women! We Salute You! 👑 Moderated by Elitia @whenloveworks #womenshistorymonth2019 #elitelearnersinc #brownsvillebrooklyn #eachoneteachone

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