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Raechel Amber Toring, L.Ac.  Also at @rayoflightacupuncture

If you know me well you likely have been witness to my ranting about the evils of ice, not the drug speed but actual frozen water. Not that I am pro speed either. Well I occasionally post on my blog, mostly to entertain myself, but if anyone out there is curious I just wrote one on ice. Yes. My life is super exciting. If you go to my other IG @rayoflightacupuncture there is a link. Love you all!

Get those negative energy blocks out of the way with crystals! ahhh. I feel lighter already.

Giant yarn face, you always know how to make me feel better #thingswillbefine

I always take Lyft anyway but deleting the app and letting them know why matters. Vote everyday with your dollars! Bye uber you stupid fucker 👋🏼 #deleteuber

Good night year of the Monkey, you sure were a wild one. Happy year of the Rooster! 🐔🌒🍾🎆 #lunarnewyear

✨New Year, New Moon, New Focus! ✨Come celebrate the Lunar New Year with us at Atwater Acupuncture on Saturday the 28th. We will have a group mediation with intention setting, Vignette Ching creating custom flower essence formulas and myself offering donation based Acupuncture treatments. Oh and tea and snacks and an abundance of good vibes!
Mediation will be at 1pm. RSVPs would be lovely but not required. Cannot wait to gather and move into this new year strong together. #tcm #acupuncture #lunarnewyear #atwatervillage #floweressences

Patriotic as shit. Loved seeing so many people in the streets today! #womensmarchla

Going with a positive message. A man that has shown no respect for women and believes strength is to display military power is now our president. I feel sick inside and worry about future global conflict at the hands of this fool. Standing together and watching his administration's every move is all of our jobs now. #womensmarchla #whyimarch

Take two. With by babes.

Final countdown.

And the night is still young... #swingin'utters #slims #home

Home for the holidays!