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Sunny Anderson  Food Network host, NYT Best Selling author, USAF veteran, cat & dog momma... I smile, but don't let it fool you, I'm a business woman.

Always follow your gut. @Regrann from @stanleyrrandolph - #DreamsAreReality #TrustYourDopeness Share Some Advice #imintheclouds

#GBTA #ESAatGBTA Haaaiii!! Booth #1929 come say hiii #GiveHope get a spinner, a cutting board and a bear!!!😚😚😚 @extendedstayamerica

Sick of y'all...all droopy n such. Get some dignity and some straps. If I see one more set of elbow-cleavage breasts, I'ma dedicate my life to turkey bacon. Smh out there sellin tummy "tea" to pay off a tummy tuck n such.

Hello Boston, you're the first road trip I took with Ella 2 years ago when #CheddarCheeseAnderson went to the rainbow bridge. I sat n cried then, cuz I'm tender. Watching Ella play for the 1st time with other dogs in this very park was exactly what I needed. Took many deep breaths that day. I left and donated to the park cuz when I searched for one this one had a web page and they were in need of renovations. So, I clicked and donated, then a few months later got notice my donation was nice enough for a brick. So, I got a brick. And this is my 1st visit back. Took a second to find it, sure I looked crazy when I did, tears n such, but THANK YOU to the board at Peter's Park for giving us such an honor. The renovation is... night and day. What a difference. We'll visit forever and be there to help as well so others can enjoy this cool oasis for doggies and cat lovers missin their sweeties. 😘😘😘

Oh haaaiii @rachaelrayshow haaaiii!!! Join me today...NOW in NYC for some cookin fun with my gurrrrrrrrl @rachaelray 😘😘😘😘😘

Oh haaaiii look at this copy cat making it possible for me to buy a new pair of shoes😊😘 It's my Sunset Park Noodle Bowl!!! Seen 1st *here*, then on @FoodNetwork #TheKitchen and now back *here* again, by you, the cookin crew😘😘. RECIPE LINK IN BIO ..get the Gochujang on Amazon if you can't find it, but trust me, it's out there. I saaaaaaaaid get it on the 'zon. But it's on shelves now, next to the sriracha. #putaneggonit #sunnyrecipeyo FOR FREEEEEEE And -------->πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @Regrann from @michaeltoddsells - @sunnyanderson All I can say is... Thank you! πŸ’‹ This was so simple, and so delicious. Sunny's Sunset Park Noodle Bowl. πŸ™ŒπŸ» #ramen #sunnyanderson #superyummy #quickandeasy

Breakin the fast. Breakfast. #sunnybreakinthefast (not pictured, pancakes)
That's cubed steak with chipotle steak seasoning, dredged in flour then pan fried. I saaaaaaaaaaaid that's cubed steak.

Well, well, well!!! This is what a sight for sore eyes means!! Please join us as we welcome Food Network Star Winner - Season 4 @ChefMcCargo ... he's an OG!!!! NOW on #TheKitchen @FoodNetwork

Why do I look like I'm being astounded by @ChefMcCargo? I can't remember, find out with us NOW #TheKitchen @foodnetwork

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Join us RIGHT NOW @FoodNetwork #TheKitchen and don't look for too much sweat, we taped this last month.😘😘😘

I made loaded mashed potatoes for dinner. That's it. Cuz Friday.

1 bag microwaveable fingerling potatoes. Yes, they exist. 8mins or whatever your bag says and they are ready to mash. Hot though, watch out!

Add em to a bowl with;
4 ounces brie cheese spread
4 ounces shredded provolone/mozzarella blend
2 or 3 chopped scallions
2 tablespoons butter

Mash away. Taste. Add;

Salt & pepper, to

2 strips chopped bacon that you crisp and halfway through add 1/2 cup chopped onions. Cook until onions are brown and almost crispy like the bacon. Turn off the heat and grate in 2 garlic cloves. Stir the garlic into the bacon/onion mix, letting the heat of the pan make it allllll fragrant n such. Top the mashed potatoes with this mix. Then sprinkle everything with steak seasoning.

You want this smooth? No. This is how I made it today and my belly said it was good. Didn't chip a tooth on nary a tater boulder.

Sometimes I like my mash chunky and sometimes I like it smooth. But let's be honest, I don't look a gift carb in the mouth. #sunnyrecipeyo FOR FREEEEEEE

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