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Sunna Rannveig Davíðsdóttir  🇮🇸 Icelandic MMA fighter 👊 Invicta FC (3-0) 🏅IMMAF European Champion 2015 🏅IBJJF European Champion 2015


Gym TiME 💪 ice cream 🍦 walk to the lighthOuse and music hall ✨ friends whO fall in lOve ❤ Thank you @erika_animal_lover for the visit and the goOdtimes 😘 #gymTiME #icecream #lighthOuse #musichall #friends #fallinlOve #thankyou #goOdtimes

#Repost @hrolfurolafsson (@get_repost)
Had the honor of having this great man covering the kickboxing class for me and @sunnatsunami this evening. He showed great class and clearly has tons of experience and is super good in explaining technical things. Thank you alot @ramsayguy and @badmofo_jojo for hooking us up.
#kickboxing #mjolnirmma #griphouse #fightinglifestyle #vikingthug #mma #roundhousekick #elbow

Be goOd tO yOurself ❤ #Ginger #GingerReykjavik #begoOdtOyOurself

PiNK ribbon ❤ #PiNKribbon

Me and Coach Árni "The Ice Viking" Isaksson REPRECENT 👊 #REPRECENT #TeamTsunami #TeamBiGRED #MjolnirMMA #Odinsbud #CoachIceViking #padwork #goOdtimes

What a weekend! 💥 It was a last minute decision to travel for one BiG night all the way to lOndon with my dear friend @sverabjj, my manager @snorribaron, his son @_leonsnorra_ and @runarhrodi
It was a very special night were five of our friends and training partners were fighting at @fightstarchampionship. We came home with a European lightweight champion @thorpalsson and a axekick KO @bjossimma👊It was truly a journey to remember! I am so proud of y'all @magnuslokimma, @thebigredmma and @thorofthor and I can't wait to watch you learn, grow and become the very best version of yourselves inside and outside the cage ❤
#FiGHTNiGHT #fightstarchamionship #lOndon #MMA #CHAMPiON #weltherweight #KO #axkiCk #journey #winorlearn #proud #LetsdOthisAgainSoOn

What a great night coming up here in Ealing, London at Fightstar 12 💥 FiVE ViKiNG Brothers are ready to go to war 👊 I have been up all night and travelled all the way from Iceland just to watch them with my own eyes and truly can't wait to be there cage side tonight 😃 Let's GO! #fightnight #fightstar #FiVEViKiNGS #ViKiNGS #ViKiNGBrothers #iCeland #ealing #lOndon #travelling #MMA #ready #cageside #LetsGO #LetsdOthis #goOdtimes

I guess it´s time to give an injury update💡
During my fight against Mallory Martin (@mel_brookee) in April I hurt my hand. I wasn´t really sure what it was but I didn´t really think it was serious so I just kept on truckin´ and once my July fight against Kelly D'Angelo (@kellyadangelo)confirmed I just decided to tough it out. In the fight I felt something snap. It was early in the first round but the adrenaline rush of being in the cage completely shuts out any pain so I didn´t pay attention to it until after the fight. Then the pain kicked in🤕
Upon arriving back home in Iceland I saw a hand specialist and the news were bad. This is a long term stress injury to my hand and it may take a long time to heal properly. I can´t really explain the details of the injury since I can´t really understand them myself but all I know is that the only remedy to it is time. The disapointment I felt can´t be put into words but I have good people by my side who picked me up and helped me see things clearly🙏🏻
Right now I´m starting to feel that this injury may have happened because it was supposed to happen. I needed time off and I needed to wind down a little. A lot of positive things have happened recently and much of that has to do with the fact that I have not been obessed with chasing my dream. I´ve allowed myself to live a little. Hang out with my friends. Fall in love. Spend time with my daughter and my family. And most importantly to just breathe and enjoy all the beautiful moments that are there for all of us when we are not in to much of a rush somewhere❤️
Right now I´m more than two months into my recovery process and my hand is feeling a LOT better already. It´s beeing closely monitored and everything looks right on track. I´m training around the injury and keeping a clear focus on maintaining fitness levels and improving the things I can improve without putting stress on my hand. I´m not fighting again this year but I aim to return to the cage in early 2018 and when that happens you´ll see the best, happiest and craziest Sunna Tsunami you have ever seen!💥
Let´s Do This!!!👊
#Injury #InvictaFC #MjolnirMMA #Happiness #IllBeBack #2018 #LetsDoThis

My mom is a knitting virtououso and has become quite well known for her craft here in Iceland. Her wool sweaters are 100% hand made and are of the absolute highest quality. The sweaters can be delivered by mail to pretty much wherever in the world and you can pay via PayPal 💳
So if you´d like to own an authentic Icelandic, hand made wool sweater designed and knitted by my mom then I encourage you to jump on over to her page (https://www.facebook.com/LopapeysurOgKjolar) and do some brilliant business❤
Thank you🙏🏻
#MyMom #Knitting #Wool #Icelandic #Authentic #Quality #Proud

Truly amazing night in beautiful company of great friends, family ❤ At the opening night of new renevated restaurant/bar @noramagasinrvk in the heart of Reykavik city 💕 #truly #amazing #night #beautiful #company #great #friends #family #openingnight #restaurant #bar #noramagasin #noramagasinrvk #heart #reykjavik #city ##OnelOve

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