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Alba Ramos  🥀Organic Beauty & Non-Toxic Everything ✉️ Mgmt→ Alba@gleamfutures.com 🕊 YouTube→ SunKissAlba 🔗 Latest YouTube Video↓


➰Here's my 2nd day curls re-freshed & re-hydrated using only 2 products to re-style! I used @briogeo 's Rosarco Milk Leave-in conditioning spray (instead of water) to dampen, and add light weight hydration focusing mostly on my dry problem areas like the edges of my hair, the back of my neck and my ends. Lastly I used a bit of Rosarco oil to add shine and smooth down flyaways👌🏽 ROSARCO means ROSehip, ARgan, + COconut oils all-in-one. Hydration is key in maintaining curly hair so I love this combo! #BriogeoBalanced #Sephora #ad

🍃🥀 S K I N C A R E P O R N 🥀🍃 This #Shelfie may seem like a lot to some of you, but you don't understand how much I love skin care. I enjoy using all of this (not all at once of-course) I try to organize my skin products by brand 👀what brand caught your eye? #ispy Tag a friend that's obsessed with skin care!💬

📢Exciting News + GIVEAWAY! I'll be at the @wellsummit in NYC (Nov 3rd - 4th) 🙌🏽 Just like last year, 2 of my followers are going to win a weekend ticket! 👏🏽 If you're in the NY area and would like to attend and surround yourself with health-minded people, here's how you can win a weekend ticket! 🎟RULES🎟 You must be following me @sunkissaiba & @wellsummit ▪️Comment below this post and answer: 'what moves you to be more mindful about your wellness?' ✔️ That's it! #Giveaway will be closed on Oct. 22nd 👉🏽Head on over to the @wellsummit website to see ticket info + event schedule. I'll be on the 'Mindful Mama' Panel talking about raising a child grounded in health and wellness! 🤜🏽🤛🏽 #MindfulMama #WellSummit --- PS: if you choose to buy a ticket use code: ALBA at checkout to get $50 off (weekend ticket) or $30 off a Friday ticket for W.E.L.L. Summit.

Just a reminder... my latest curly routine + first impressions is on my channel. Have you seen it? 🔗Click the link in my IG bio to watch it now📲🌀🌀🌀

Yesterday I visited @shilohfarmpa 👨🏼‍🌾👩🏽‍🌾 a beautiful farm where a new brand @seedphytonutrients is born. My favorite part about this brand is their #FarmtoBeauty mission. They've created an entire skin, hair and body line where they partner with independent organic farmers to source local seeds as their star ingredient for their natural products 🌱Even the packaging is sustainable and one of a kind, made by @ecologicbrands with upcycled materials♻️and 70% less plastic! It was really cool to learn about their mission. @seedphytonutrients launches January 2018!! Go Follow them for updates! #SeedPhytoNutrients #ad 🍃🕊🌱👩🏽‍🌾👨🏼‍🌾

There's a new curly routine on my channel 👏 it's also a first impressions of me using @innersenseorganicbeauty for the first time! Go check it out on my YouTube channel or just click the link in my insta profile📲 PS: YES I used a blow dryer😱 #CurlyHairRoutine #FirstImpressions

👓reflection upon reflecting on this #Throwback 🤳 -------------------------------------------------- 👓reflexionado con este selfie de hace meses atrás 🤳

Liquid Sunshine, Liquid Radiance, Liquid GOLD 🌕✨✨ Get your glow on! As the weather gets cooler we still want that healthy looking natural glow✨ I'm so proud of this oil and I'm so thankful for all your support and those who constantly share your love for my Radiant Glow Oil by: @dermae it's the best feeling ever to know so many people genuinely love it, from all skin types! 🙌 #GetSunKissed #SunKissAlba ✖️ #DermaE #GetyourGlowon #RadiantGlowOil

This is a photo I took while I was in Puerto Rico (Piñones, Loiza) this past March 🇵🇷 its heart breaking to see so many places being affected by hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes back to back. I feel for the Caribbean and for Mexico 🇲🇽 and my homeland Dominican Republic🇩🇴 which has also been affected. It's been tough for our family in Puerto Rico to get in contact so we have no idea how they're doing as they are without electricity, phones are down and homes are lost. I think the best we can do is collect goods like clothing, food, toiletries, and simple everyday necessities we can think of and donate what we can. Get familiar with organizations who are shipping items to the islands to help as much as we can. Imagine how tough it must be to lose your home, or be lost with children beside you who are cold and hungry. It's beyond saddening. #hurricanemaria #hurricaneirma #PrayfortheCaribbean ------------------------------------------------- Esta es una foto que tomé mientras estaba en Puerto Rico (Piñones, Loiza)🇵🇷 en marzo. Mi corazón duele al ver tantos lugares afectados por huracanes, tanta agua, y terremotos uno de tras del otro. Lo siento tanto por el Caribe y por México 🇲🇽 y mi patria 🇩🇴 Republica Dominicana que también está afectado. Ha sido especialmente difícil para nuestra familia en Puerto Rico ponerse en contacto con familiares y no tenemos ni idea de cómo están, sin electricidad, los teléfonos están apagados y sus casas están perdidas. Creo que lo mejor que podemos hacer es recolectar ropa, comida, productos de bańo, simples necesidades y donar lo que podamos! Por favor busquen organizaciones que están enviando a las islas para ayudar. Imagínense lo difícil que debe ser perder su casa, con niños a tu lado con frío y hambre. Que tristeza!

T H I G H H I G H boots season // The only photo I got today at @generationbeautyusa before my meet up. If you took a photo with me tag me or hashtag #SunKissAlba 🤳

We had such a great time at my @wholefoodsnyc meet up w/ @dermae ✨ thanks to all of you who showed up to meet me. I loved meeting each and every one of you! Remember to hashtag #SunKissAlba in your photos so I can view them easily 🤳

Who's coming to my NYC MEET UP this Friday? I heard there may be a giveaway going on that day for those attending 🤜🤛 I'll be there with my @dermae team! Here are the details again📍Where? Whole Foods Market (Columbus Circle, NY) ▪️When? Friday, September 22 ▪️Time? 4:30pm-6:00pm EST 🤓see you there! @wholefoodsnyc

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