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Alba Ramos  🥀Organic Beauty & Non-Toxic Everything ✉️ Mgmt→ 🖥 Website: 🕊 YouTube→ SunKissAlba 🔗 Latest YouTube Video↓

Since having the new baby and little to no time for myself, this is all I’ve been using after my shower. I have no time for all the steps I use to take, so to save time I use my ✨Radiant Glow Oil✨ from face to chest and done! I get messages about my oil daily and it makes me so happy to hear your positive feedback. Thank you all for sharing your glow!✨✨✨ Get yours at @dermae also available at @wholefoods and @ultabeauty 🌎for international purchases get it at @iherb 🌱 Canadians 🇨🇦 go to @welldotca

4/4/18 today marks 11 years since that night he put his hand on my heart and said “this is what I’m after”. We’ve been inseparable since then and promised to keep our hearts safe in each others hands. 💞Happy Anniversary @aboutdadlife Te Amo! ———————————————————————— 4/4/18 hoy son 11 años desde esa noche cuando el puso su mano sobre mi corazón y me dijo "esto es lo que quiero". Hemos sido inseparables desde entonces y prometimos mantener nuestros corazones seguros en nuestras manos. 💞Feliz Aniversario @aboutdadlife Te Amo!

🤱🏽1 week postpartum: I’m amazed at my recovery with Alma (my 2nd child). This experience is the complete opposite from my first. As far as my body recovery, I didn’t expect my belly to be as small as it is because with my first my postpartum belly was much more inflamed/fluffy in comparison to this 2nd birth process (Natural / home birth / VBAC) I’ve always heard it’s harder to get a flat belly with your 2nd child. I literally see my waist/abdomen shrinking day by day and its only been 1 week! Also... 👏🏽 Huge thanks to @homebirthmidwifery & @madrenaturedoula for my awesome birth experience! —— 🗓Have you guys ever heard of “40 days post-partum recovery”? which is a traditional recovery method women have relied on for centuries back in many cultures and many countries. It’s been the best decision for me and I highly recommend it for all parents with a newborn. Basically I’m not doing any work/labor just focusing on my healing, getting rest, taking care of Alma and getting ourselves settled on a good schedule while also getting past the breast feeding struggles we all deal with in the beginning. I’m being cared for by Manny and I’m not required to do anything, except take care of baby and me💕 Lastly we’ve also decided to not receive any visitors until after I’m all settled and feeling well. This is to reduce my stress and not feel the need to give others attention until I feel👍🏽👌🏽 first. Family & friends can wait to see Alma later, when I get past this early stage. Luckily we have a small circle and an understanding support system who respects our reasons for no visitations right now. #Thefirst40days #1weekPostPartum #VBAC #HomeBirthMidwifery

Were Obsessed with her. Once I get myself and Alma settled (on a comfortable schedule) Manny and I will be filming my labor/delivery story! So excited to share with you all how Alma was born here at home and what I’m doing to recover from my first Home #VBAC 🙌🏽 #BabyAlma #HomeBirth

Alma with her @bellyarmor emf/Radiation shielding hat and wearing @wearpact Organic cotton clothing 🌱 so comfy! #RadiationShielding #EMFprotection #OrganicBaby

Welcome to our world Alma!💕 Alma arrived yesterday 3/21/18 at 6:37am and everything went beautifully as planned. 6lbs 11oz / 21”L 🤱🏽We are so blessed and thankful our VBAC home birth was a success. Life will never be the same for us. We’ll share the birth/delivery story on my YouTube channel in the near future. #BabyAlma #VBAC

I just uploaded an ORGANIC #FoodHaul on my YouTube channel. This is a great example on what we eat, and how we shop for groceries based on our values and lifestyle. 🌿🥥🥖🌯♻️ You’ll see the usual brands/items I go for when grocery shopping at my local organic market and online shopping! Bonus: my viewers get a #FREE food offer from @thrivemkt 🙌🏽 watch the video now by clicking the link in my bio🔗

This is the strangest picture I’ve ever taken. Floating in a deprivation tank at @cloud_aquatic_float_parlor went to the “upside down” like eleven from #StrangerThings such a cool experience, floating in salt water for 1hr in silence and darkness all alone with my mind. Also just saw #BlackPanther last night🙌🏽 which was 1 of my birthday surprises from Manny — 2/22 Today is an extremely special birthday year for me. I’m now 30, pregnant with my 2nd child, having my first girl in about 4weeks, I’m working on self-development and most importantly, I’m choosing to LOVE harder.

Thank you for the crazy love you’re showing me in my pregnancy routine video! I knew you guys would appreciate all the info I shared🤰🏽 Thank you for watching, subscribing and being extremely supportive towards my content and my lifestyle. 🔗If you haven’t seen the video, click the link in my bio! #34weeks #PregnancyRoutine

The video we’ve all been waiting for🤰🏽 My #PregnancyRoutine is finally up on my channel! Go watch to see EVERYTHING from supplements, stretch marks, skin care, sleeping tips, DIY body butter using my #RadiantGlowFaceOil by @dermae , Morning sickness & omg so much more! 🙌🏽I made sure to include everything All-in-One but I chose to keep the topic of food for the next video coming soon which will be a FOOD HAUL! Food deserves its own video so keep a look out that soon. 🔗Click the link in my bio to watch my Pregnancy Routine!📲

When your belly is finally bigger than your booty it disappears and makes your lower body look slim 😬🤰🏽 #34weeks btw I’m almost done finishing my pregnancy routine video! Keep a look out for it soon on my YouTube channel. ————————————————————————- Cuando tu barriga es por fin más grande que tu trasero y se desaparece haciéndome ver mas delgada 😬🤰🏽 #34semanas — Casi estoy terminando mi video de mi rutina de embarazo! Estén pendiente para encontrarlo pronto en mi canal. #SunKissAlba #Pregnancy

I’ve had a super busy week being I’m getting close to my due date which is only 1 month away!🤭😬🤯 that’s why I haven’t been posting much but have you seen my latest video? This is a new spin on the Q&A’s I’ve been doing monthly. This time we called my viewers on the phone to answer questions live and we filmed it all!!! We loved opening up to you guys, being so honest and real in this video. 🔗Click the link in my bio to watch it now📲📞 #SunKissAlbaQandA #AskUsAnything

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