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SundayMorningView Magazine  Stay Natural. Stay Beautiful submissions 👉🏾 #SundayMorningView

“I don’t understand why you don’t go to the DR. and get pills to get rid of your acne 😑” “Just get roaccutane already 😷” “are you on accutane? 🤨” “are you taking pills for your face?! 😨” -
Seeing as we’re asking each other questions 🧐, here are some of mine 👩🏼‍⚕️...
Have you ever taken plan B? 🤔 Are you currently taking antibiotics? 🤕 Ever taken Viagra? 🧐 You have a baby - Did you not take birth control?! 🤓 Have you ever seen a Dr? What for? 🤨Who is your Dr? 🧐 Do you have any infections? 🤕 Any STI’s? 🤢 What did your doctor tell you during your appointment? 😑. Do you have a mental illness? 🤔 any health issues? 😨 Do you have any diseases?? 😳 What is your diagnosis? Tell me your medical history! 😷. -

Awkward huh? 💁🏼‍♀️ yeah tell me about it... 🤔.
How would YOU feel if someone stopped you on the street 🤷🏼‍♀️ and asked you any of the above? Online = Real life. There’s no difference. #ifyouwouldntlikeitdontdoit .
And if you don’t see any issues with asking for someone to disclose their medical history... then why don’t you go to therapy for your lack of compassion towards other people? 💁🏼‍♀️ but here’s the thing... I’m not a doctor 👩🏼‍⚕️ so y’know, who am I to say you need it? 🌚 - @mypaleskinblog
#skinpositivity #youlookdisgusting

BLACK WOMEN are made out of Brown Sugar, Honey 🍯 & Gold💛~ 📸: @karlogomez @msnessadee

Our GOAL is to make women fall in love with EVERYTHING about THEMSELVES 💖BEAUTY has always been in the imperfections, media has just sold us otherwise @karlogomez 💛thanks for illuminating our vision...with @ayeshapi 💕

We ALWAYS have and We ALWAYS will BE Enamored by a Woman’s RAW NATURAL BEAUTY💕 ~ 📸: @karlogomez & @manibyn8ure 💕

Double tap if you agree💕

WE SHOULD all embrace the beauty of STRETCH MARKS 🙏🏼 #stretchmarks #tigerstripes ~ 📸: @karlogomez ~ @sundaymorningview

Work ;) ❤️✨ @krystaalized ~ @sundaymorningview

A Smile: The best part of your outfit💛 for “The Art Of Beauty Exhibition” By @karlogomez & @acompletewomen with @vivcampo ♥️ #Miami #NaturalBeauty #NaturalVibes #ArtBasel2017

🌸Redefining beauty standards 🌸
I am a mixed girl with scars, rolls, flaws, olive skin, fluffy hair, thick eye brows, peach fuzz, small chest, and a big booty. I have felt the pressure to conform, i have felt the pressure to change myself, my body, and deep down, change the core of who i was. But i have awakened the queen in myself, to realize the power i have within, by embracing myself wholly, as God took the time to create every strand of hair on my head to the fingers on my hands.
It is time we see all women representing beauty, hair, and clothing campaigns. Redefining beauty standards is genuinely putting WOC, mixed girls, disabled, and plus size women at the forefront of the media we take in. Imagine the power of a young girl or boy, looking at a campaign, a commercial, or a movie and being able to say wow, that person looks like ME! Imagine the self love and confidence we could instill in the world, simply by being more inclusive in our media.
We have the power to create change, we have the power to create real inclusivity, the power is within us all. Be the change you want to see in the world #wecandobetter @danaisabellaaa ~ @sundaymorningview

Peacccchhhees 🍑tag someone with a Cute Booty #SmvFam

MANY CONSIDER showcasing the body as a selfish frowned upon🤬act that's fueled by vanity, rather WE BELIEVE it is an act of liberation and self love towards accepting and admiring your own Physical Beauty. In others words you feel good about yourself and you will be damned if people tell you otherwise! @lilkymchii & @karlogomez 💕#iphonephotography WAIT for the Real Photos📸

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