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일요일  IN 🇯🇵 こんにちは ! GOD#1 Americas Next Top Model cycle 13 Spokes model ->Coca Cola & Jordana Cosmetics. MTV MADE coach. Travel-Food-Fashion 💋BLOGGER—>


Just me and jiji

The busy streets of Naples. On a mission for the so called “Best” pizza in the world. It was iiight 🤭

This is a crazy year in Tokyo already. How are things in America?

I’m Lucky : I wouldn’t be 💩 without my Big Sister. And I’ll never forget it. Every time life gets hard I have the best example in the world on how easily it can be overcome. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing sister like that. The power and focus that orbits around her is contagious. You want to do your best just being near her. Who else could’ve gotten a 4.0 her whole life, in and out of foster care, with an abusive mother who almost killed her, drug addicted parents, a missing father, still got into all the collages, still collected all the scholarships and still made sure her free spirited artsy little sister with a learning disability ALSO got into collage too. She never let me fall, no matter how hard it got or what odds were stacked against us she had her hand out ready to lift me up every step higher she got on the ladder. I’m the type to help you out no matter where my position in life is, if you need me I’m there. I still remember all the whispers and bullying in church because we were so poor. She just ignored it, let your progress prove them wrong. I’m so lucky. Not only to have a sister like that but to have a strong drive in life, no matter how many times I fall I know we can always get up! It’s those who stay down that fail. Been down so many time it’s a natural reflex to stand back up. I hope y’all find that drive that keeps you moving forward. It may not come from something as devastating and difficult as our story but it’s out there, and it’s special. My family. Flaws and all I love them more than myself, I will keep getting up. Can’t help them stand if I’m sitting too.
#mylife #myeverything #mysister #myfamily
Ps: whatever man gets her ima always give you a hard time because she is priceless and you’ll NEVER know how lucky you are, not like I do. We ain’t cha average sisters.
@kluvrn 🙌🏿

...The cat post office was closed

The confusion I get when I tell people my name is Sundai, on a Sunday 🌞

Awesome new Hostel in Tokyo with some of those high tech toilet seats with all the buttons that warm ur bum. *Why was this so impressive 😂🙄 If you’re ever in Tokyo and would like to stay at a nice Hostel check this place out 😉. 📍Location: @hostelden #hostelintokyo #hostelden

Never know where chances might lead you 📍Location: Positano, Italy

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Shot : Andrew
MUA: @laila_alsane
Hair: @unicehair
Jacket: @forever21

I hope all your dreams come true. Not sure why people wish negative things about others they admire. There’s plenty of success to go around. You’ll find much greater results with love not hate. Try it out & watch. .....
📍Location: Akagi Shrine
📷Shot: @lilykinsx ————
👚Shirt: @occultpunks

Stay cool

NEW BLOG! Hotel review: A super upscale Hostel in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. **🔗Link in the bio 📍Location: @unplan_
Shirt: @occultpunks —————————————————————————
This was a super fun interesting experience,. This place had all the upgrades and a really delicious Cafe. I can’t wait to check out more places.

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