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So I heard Christmas was just around the corner. Double Tap to spread the Christmas Love ❤️ Been quite a while since I’ve posted (!) but please let me know in the comments how you all are, I hope life is treating you wonderfully & I’m sorry I’ve been vacant for so long. I guess that thing called ‘real life’ takes over! Ps I’ve missed you all & once again I promise to try instagram out again ❣️ xx

Into the darkness 🖤

* Rebirth (take 2)*
Tried before to return to IG & I'm trying once again. This time I'm gonna succeed! Hope all you lovely people are keeping well - I will catch up with you all tomorrow. It's my scouts promise to post a new creation once a week 🙌🏼 I've missed you all million & millions & this time I'm back for good! Big love to you all 💝

Drifting thoughts in my mind-
Calloused memories, forgotten days
The dream of a new tomorrow
The mourning of a past yesterday.

The hope for a new day & the grief of passing time.
I guess I have no real excuse as to why I haven't posted to my Instagram account in almost a year. That funny thing called life just sometimes get in your way - imagine! But... I've missed Instagram like crazy & more importantly, I've missed all you lovelies like crazy. I'm sorry for being absent & I'm sorry for making you worry. Life is good & I am good & I hope it is the same in your world. I look forward to catching up with you all again now that I've come back to life(!) Big love to you all from me to you xx

Freedom is a state of mind. ♠️ Hey all you lovely people! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in what feels like forever - I've just been leading a very busy life at the minute so unfortunately haven't had time for IG. All is well in my world though & I hope it's the same in yours! Tomorrow I have some free time so I look forward to catching up with all your feeds then! Sending you all lots of love ♡

🍁 Autumn calmness 🍁

For today's @jjcommunity #RainyDay challenge 💦

I'm doing a happy dance right now because I now have time to return to IG world & I promise that before I fall asleep tonight, I'll catch up with your beautiful feeds that I've missed so much of lately. I hope life is treating you all kindly, I've missed you all massively. Have some special love from me to you! ❤️

"When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it & hang on." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hey guys! So sorry I've been absent this last while, life has just been pretty chaotic for me of late. I hope all is well with you lovely people & I promise to do my best to catch up with all your feeds ASAP. I've missed you all heaps & heaps! ♡

A little bit of magic can take you a long way. ✨

I was deep in the land of snooze last night when the supermoon put on its rather stunning show. I felt sad that I missed out on seeing the real thing, so I had no choice but to recreate my own version. 🌝

The night we lit up the sky💡

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