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Sera J.  Lingerie. Bikinis. Love. Wanderlust. All 📸 are me. 💁🏻Women, 🌈TG, 🎨 Artists & 📷 Photogs only please. #lifeafterbreastimplants More on my blog ⬇️


Hello world. This is the new me. The body I am supposed to have. If you want to read a story with a happy ending, my newest blog post is about the long, challenging road it was to remove my breast implants. In the story there are villains threatening me with "granny boobs," personal demons, and of course a valiant heroine (yours truly). Visit my blog for your daily dose of empowerment, and checkout @chakraintimates for some super soft, #reiki-infused lingerie.
#lifeafterbreastimplants #selfrespect #love #notsponsored

I got my implants out. I have never faced such a challenging decision that so clearly had a right answer yet was so difficult to make the right choice. Keeping with the theme of spilling my guts, I write about my journey from silicone 32DDs to flesh and blood 32As in my latest blog post at www.sunandsera.com. If you know anyone who is having problems with their implants or is considering #explantation, please tag them. There is life after breast implants, and it can be good.
I'm featuring @chakraintimates lingerie in this post because they are all about healing energies, personal power and wellbeing. I can't think of a better theme for introducing my new happy and healthy boobies to instagram.
#breastimplantillness #lifeafterbreastimplants #bodypositive

One of the things I faced when I was trying to build up the courage to remove my breast implants was whether or not I would be up to continuing to do my blog. It's not easy modeling skimpy undergarments if you don't like how you look, and I was really scared about how I would look. But I underestimated and misunderstood the importance of how you feel. I can't say I like my new look as much as my old one, but I #LOVE the respect I feel for my body and the confidence it gives me to have made the right but difficult choice for me.
Haters can bring it on. It'll help me thin the herd. I'm going to keep at this #lingerie #blog thing for awhile, because I want others to know that you don't need implants to feel beautiful, to respect yourself or to have fun in the boudoir.
#chakraintimates #inspiration #bodylove
Love and hugs and kisses to all my supporters 😘😘 xoxo

I didn't spend much time in my latest blog post writing about my lingerie since it's about spilling my guts more than decadent undergarments. AP's Mercy was my first #corset and damn is it beautiful. I twinned it already with my lingerie bestie @alingerieaddiction (she's wonderful, go follow her if you're a #lingerieaddict) but I loved Mercy so much, and I loved how the photos turned out so much that I saved it for this incredibly special, incredibly personal blog post. I hope you have a chance to read it.
#luxurylingerie #lingeriemodel #agentprovocateur

My latest blog post is up at www.sunandsera.com.
I think you can call it a cautionary tale for women who have ever thought about getting breast implants, or #implants of any sort. I tell my story, completely unvarnished. I usually write advice or opinions, but this one is just about me. If you have implants or want them, it's worth a read.
#plasticsurgery #lingerieblogger #cosmeticsurgery #bodypositivity

Every now and then, one of my photos gets reposted by a brand or a store that I like which gives me a special kind of feedback - I'm not sponsored by any of the lingerie or bikinis I've worn to date, so when it happens it feels like a genuine vote of approval. Awhile back, this happened and in the comments a couple of women made snide comments about my implants, talking about how fake I was. I won't deride them for it here; they've probably been teased and shamed for their own bodies. Bullies are almost always victims of bullying themselves.
But I will say that I think they would eat their nasty comments if they happened upon my latest blog post. I explain why I got breast implants, and before you jump to conclusions, just go read it. It's not what you think.
#bodypositive #lingerieblog #agentprovocateur #corset

These photos have very little to do with this, but while I have your attention I want to say a humble thanks for the roof over my head, the food on my plate and the fact that I stay dry when I want to be dry. My heart goes out to victims of #hurricaneirma and #hurricaneharvey, and to people worldwide who live hardship day in and day out. #feelingfortunate #donatenow

These are from deep in my archives. I've spent prolly 5x as much time at the beach this year as last year and less than 1/3 of the time taking pictures. Priorities.
#bikinimodel #neon #motivation #wet

I am unabashedly promoting my latest blog post in @agentprovocateur's #Callie, because let's face it - you pretty much can't be bashful in this beautiful set. So delicate, so revealing, so sexy.
Sigh. #vintageAP

What advice would you give to young brides about their #weddingnightlingerie? You can read my take on my blog at www.sunandsera.com - I would love to hear your opinion!
#luxurylingerie #SexLoveAndAP #whitelingerie

My latest blog post is up! www.sunandsera.com
#lingerieblog #weddingnight #weddinglingerie

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