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Sera J.  Lingerie. Bikinis. Love. Wanderlust. All 📸 are me. 💁🏻Women, 🌈TG, 🎨 Artists & 📷 Photogs only please. #lifeafterbreastimplants More on my blog ⬇️


I put my good fortune (?) of having had two different body shapes in my adult life to use in my latest post titled, “shooting in your skivvies.” If 2018 will be the year you finally get schedule yourself for a #boudoir #photoshoot with a professional photographer, check out my blog at www.sunandsera.com
Photogs feel free to share with your clients ;)
Wearing @shopcosabella’s Never Say Never range with @falke stockings
#lingerieblogger #lifeafterbreastimplants #bodypositive

Decided to basque dat ass up.
Wearing @bluebellaofficial’s Vivienne Basque and some 💁🏻 #curlers .
More at www.sunandsera.com
#lingerieblogger #blacklingerie #🍑

I want to pause for a moment and say I am immensely grateful to everyone here who has been supportive of my transition to not having breast implants. You are the best. ❤️ With all the ugliness that goes on in the world, it is important to remember there are so many lovely people like you out there. Big hugs 🤗 to all of you.
Wearing @shopcosabella Never Say Never bralette, g-string and suspender, with @falke stockings
#lifeafterbreastimplants #lingerieblog #grateful

Come to think of it, most of the ladies I follow here post anonymously for good reason but I wonder how many of them have done a full up boudoir shoot with a professional 🤔? I’m betting with their lingerie closets and beautiful style there would be some knockout 🥊 photos. Have any of you ever done a paid photoshoot for a significant other? How did it turn out? What did you wear?
You can read my take on my blog, www.sunandsera.com
Here I’m wearing @hankypankyltd
#boudoirphotography #lingerieblog #whitelingerie

I am missing what I used to be able to wear. It’s tough. But I am not missing my implants at all. Not one bit. I haven’t regretted getting them out even for a second.
Wearing @hankypankyltd
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#lifeafterbreastimplants #breastimplantillness #lingerieaddict #lingeriemodel

I think half my followers already take photos of themselves in their underwear and put them on IG, but for anyone looking for advice on what to wear to a boudoir photoshoot that's the topic of my latest blog post. 📸 Photogs, feel free to share with your clients 😉 (Thanks to @natalieebaugh for the inspiration and allowing me to guest post on her blog 😘😘)
Wearing @hankypankyltd
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#boudoirinspiration #lingerieblogger #lingerielove #🍑

I'm excited to team up with a brand that really stands for something.
@ChakraIntimates is eco-friendly and ethically produced, and their lingerie is as beautiful as it is comfortable - two things that don't always go hand in hand 😉.
Chakra is offering my followers a special 10% discount with the code SERA at checkout! This is not a paid partnership, I just legitimately love what they're doing and I'm more than happy to highlight them to lingerie lovers who care about the environment and human rights. Check out their page for a dose of inspiration and to learn more about their empowering lingerie.
#chakraintimates #ecofriendly #lingeriethatinspires
More on my blog at www.sunandsera.com

I think I want to start a new account and call it @tshirtsandlace and do nothing but comfy t-shirts with lacy panties. #finstagoals
Until then, check out my new blog post about the healing power of lingerie on
www.sunandsera.com ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

After my explant operation, my very first non-surgical bra was this one by @ChakraIntimates. Their lingerie harnesses the supportive energy of Reiki attuned gemstones and at that point in my healing I needed all the support I could get. If you follow me you may know I featured Chakra Intimates in my blog post about getting my implants out. After I published my story they contacted me and were so supportive and encouraging. Now they want to offer all my followers a 10% discount! I don't get a dime, I'm not getting any free lingerie out of this -- I honestly love everything about this brand and what it stands for.
Just use the code SERA at checkout on their website for your discount 😊.
#chakrahealing #ecofashion #chakrastones
More on my blog at www.sunandsera.com

I got @lagentbyap’s Macie because it was one of the few bralettes they had in XS and it just so happened to be on sale. Maybe it was the low price tag but I had low expectations for it, so I was happily surprised at how it fits and looks on me. Sad I can’t find regular AP for my new body shape 😭 but I’m grateful to have the chance to try some things I couldn’t pull off before.
And that ties into my latest blog post (body positivity) like this: it’s not directly about what we drape on our bodies, it’s what we put in them and how we treat them.
More on www.sunandsera.com.
#lingerieblog #lagentbyap #bodyshape

“Many awful things have been done in the name of love, but nothing awful can be done in the name of respect.”
-Magda Gerber
I’ve traded in my quest of self-love for one of self-respect; you can read more about it in my latest post at www.sunandsera.com.
Robe by @barefootdreams and lace by @lagentbyap
#bodypositive #selfrespect #powerfulquotes

I wrote my latest blog post on body positivity and while I was in the final stages of drafting it, the beautiful @satinspectre posted a really interesting perspective here on IG (aside: check her out and follow for an amazing lingerie collection) that more or less highlighted what so many of us feel - that she wants to love and accept her body but isn’t quite ready to accept the flaws.
I can relate. And like her, I don’t think body positivity is all or nothing. We can all take steps in the right direction, and the right direction to me begins with being respectful to our bodies.
More on www.sunandsera.com.
Lingerie: @lagentbyap’s Macie
#bodypositivity #respectyourself

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