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Michael Voharndej  ☆DRIFTING IS THE REASON☆ FatCats Mercedes Benz Technician Houston, TX - 08 Mazdaspeed3 - 05 IS300 - 12 Tundra

Catalina Sundayz. Woke up early enough to head out to #catalinacoffee to chill for once lol. Bought some essential parts for the new car. Ran into an old friend that just moved back into town. Cruised around and hung out with some of my car peoples. Not a bad way to end the weekend..... now back to reality lol. 📷: @d.gealon

CURRENTMOOD: Rainy Streets. LoFi Vibes. The finest chilled imi crab. Ginger Ale on the rocks..... #exquisite #budgetfancylol

Trying to get used to sitting on this side.... yup still feels weird lol. Thanks for letting me sit in your car @rhd_puff.
T-minus 7 weeks til arrival.

Ran across a little clip of a chill run from earlier in the year. This was the round I was feeling out the 4.1 torsen frs diff I had just installed. Car drove quite a bit differently vs the welded diff. Can't wait to get this thing fully sorted and tuned! #lonestardrift
#is300 #fatgatos 📽: that1roush on YouTube

Temporarily fixed some drive by wire issues that have been plaguing this car since day 1. Just got my standalone in the mail so should be fixed indefinitely soon. Took it out and cruised around all weekend. Feels good to take this thing on the streets again. #feelsgoodmanjpg

Lol sooo the ricer in me has always wanted a racepak for no reason other than the flashing lights and shit haha..... came across a decent deal on one and picked one up. Racepak fo ma wannabe racecahh. #racepak #is300 #wannaberacecar



Edit:....... .NOT4SAIL.

Car only ran well for the first half of Saturday so im glad someone got a pic before I ran into issues haha. Car felt fkn phenomenal. I think I'm starting to get really comfortable with this chassis lol. #lonestardrift #txsl #is300 #1jzvvti #fatgatos 📷 : @tougeculture

Its hot af. But WE OUT CHEA!!! #lonestardrift #txsl #is300 #1jzvvti #round5 #fatgatos

ALGNMNT. last day of prep before round 5 of lonestardrift. Raised the front of the car a tad so I dont destroy my fenders, alignment adjusted ebrake, washed car and truck, and loaded up all my tools. WE READY!!! #lonestardrift #txsl #is300 #1jzvvti #mbafterhours

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