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Michael Voharndej  ☆DRIFTING IS THE REASON☆ FatCats Mercedes Benz Technician Houston, TX - 08 Mazdaspeed3 - 05 IS300 - 12 Tundra

It's bring your hoopty ass racecar to work day!!! T-minus 1.5 weeks until the next drift event. Time to start prep! #lonestardrift #txsl #is300 #1jzgte #fatgatos

Come oooooonnnnn free coilovers. Need a set of these for the is300 lol. @fortuneautousa #fortuneautoSS

Took ye ole drift chariot to the shinku meet to see what kind of power this noble steed puts down and to get a roundabout base line before tuning. Couldnt get torque numbers because i bolted my coil pack cover on and didn't have tools to remove :doh:.... First pull was 324whp. Second pull was.... 347whp lol. I believe the second pull peak number was misleading lol. Car hit limiter and it read the spike which was the "347". But the other highest point on the graph was around the 324hp mark which is inline with what others have made on this setup. Sooo I'm gonna go with that lol. #is300 #sxe10 #1jzvvti #lonestardrift #txsl

Time to head to Dallas for a couple of days for training! I present to you... my rental car lol #mercedesbenz

KOYOTHEWORLD. Have to keep these cars cool in this Texas heat! Drift car has one and now so does the grip car. #koyorad #koyoallthethings @koyorad

Cant wait to get this thing setup and on the road. Slapped the drift spares on for now but ive got some cool parts coming in soon for the Daily/Grip car. #excite

BLKATTACK: Sooo last weekend I went to San Antonio and picked up a fixer upper 5 speed is300 for my birthday. Just spent a couple days after work on it and got it moving under it's own power! This one will be a fun daily and occasional track/grip car. Also thanks for all the bday wishes! 📽 @blkaltezza

AUSTIN BOUND: helping the brother Chan moving to Austin... and in typical @pwrfap fashion, he decides to load up the daily driver and mob in the drift car 2-3 hrs down the highway. Gonna miss you man. Good luck in Austin!!! #pwrfapdoesaustin

Almost time to do this again. Round 3 of @lonestardrift is coming up quick! #lonestardrift #txsl #is300

Sumthaiguy's roadside assistance lol. @dangkhoavu and @cahuynh is300's alternator took a poop so I scooped the car up for them. Always gotta help the fam out! #STGroadside

Steak Night wit da boyz!

How clouds are made. @lonestardrift #txsl #reapermedia 📷 :

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