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Summer Solstice Musings  A Brown geek's musings on Mental Health, Animal & Human Rights. All art made by me #PTSD #Fibro #ADHD #Vegan English🇨🇦 Español🇨🇴 Italiano​🇮🇹


Be still my geeky brown heart!
#wakandagate #wakandaforever #wakanda

My delicious [vegan] Christmas dinner: Apple salad with mango vinaigrette, sweet & sour soy fritters with pineapple and veggies, fried rice, and soy nuggets with plum sauce. Yum!

Happy holidays! 🎄🎄🎄
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Happy Winter Solstice!
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What does the winter solstice mean in the Cree tradition?⠀
Anishinaabe reporter Lenard Monkman asked elder Wilfred Buck of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in Manitoba to share the Cree story of the winter solstice.⠀
Video by CBC #CBCNews #CBC #indigenous #cbcindigenous #WinterSolstice #AskAnElder #cree #winter #canada #solstice #winter #tradition

This is the Pere Marquette 1225. According to its website, it is the largest and most impressive locomotive in the Steam Railroading Institute’s collection is the largest operating steam locomotive in Michigan. It takes about eight hours to generate a full head of steam on the locomotive’s boiler, which in turn operates at 245 pounds per square inch. The tender holds 22 tons of coal and 22,000 gallons of water, consuming one ton of coal for every twelve miles and 150 gallons of water per mile. ONE TON OF COAL FOR EVERY TWELVE MILES. And let's not forget about those eight hours it is burning coil before it even starts to move. And this is the pride and joy of Michigan? No wonder our planet is on the brink of an extinction event.
#cleanenergy ・・・ "Probably one of the most famous trains in the world and definitely one of the coolest things about winter in Michigan!" <== ??? What's so cool about pollution?

Five years #idlenomore

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Today is the five-year anniversary of Idle No More.

It started off as a grassroots movement, but it quickly grew into one of the biggest social movements in Canada, bringing Indigenous issues into the mainstream consciousness.

But five years later, many of the issues facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada still remain. So what did the movement accomplish?

The women who started it all say it was an awakening, and Idle No More inspired the next generation to keep on fighting for their rights.

What do you think of the Idle No More movement? Share in the comments.

Photos by Canadian Press #cbcnews #cbcindigenous #IdleNoMore #indigenous #canada #politics

#tbt #otd (yesterday)
#Repost from @cbcindigenous ・・・
On Dec. 6, 1917, a traditional Mi'kmaq community faced the full force of the Halifax Explosion.

The Norwegian steamship Imo was cruising through Halifax Harbour, carrying Belgian relief supplies, when it rammed into the French munitions boat Mont-Blanc, which was carrying TNT and fuel destined for war efforts.

The collision started a fire, and the resulting explosion killed nearly 2,000 people in the blink of an eye.

Less than two kilometres from the explosion's epicentre, sat the small Mi'kmaq village of Turtle Grove, or Kepe'kek, in the area known today as Tuft's Cove in Dartmouth.

'That some of them survived is a miracle,' says Mi'kmaq playwright Catherine Martin. 100 years later, she relives the story of her great-aunt Rachel Cope, who lived with her husband John and their many children in Turtle Grove.

Photos by Nova Scotia Archives and Nova Scotia Museum #cbcnews #cbcindigenous #halifax #halifaxexplosion #history #indigenous #Mi'kmaq

America is in debt, indeed

Professor George Ciccariello-Maher has been under the radar of the alt-right for quite a while and they finally got Drexel university to here to their demands. .
#support #resist #supportantifascists #supportantifascism #supportGeorgeCiccarielloMaher

As of today, it's been 34 years since my mother died. Now she's been dead for the same number of years she was alive. My children never got to meet her grandmother. Does one ever forget?
#violenceagainstwomen #domesticviolence #abuse #physicalabuse #emotionalabuse #psychologicalabuse #PTSD #tears #emotionalpain #emotionalscars

Do these questions make you uncomfortable? Good. Because they should. Now, answer them. If you can't, go find out.

#changethenarrative #decolonise
#decoloniseyourmind #decolonize #decolonizeyourmind #Repost from @uptousorg ・・・
Here are some helpful questions to start the dialogue 💭

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#mood We don’t celebrate this terrorist Christopher Columbus!! 😡😡😡😡 Make America Indigenous Again!!! Me and my sis @nickyeagleeye is ALWAYS on the frontline to make sure we are never forgotten and that we are Still HERE!!! #indigenouspeoplesday #wearestillhere #nativepride

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