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Summer Projects Outdoor  wood products || motivation || follow me and il follow u back "if its not perfect, its not delivered!" 110% refund guarantied

You've got 2 options in life, do something or don't .. #mfceolistener #ifitaintharditaintworthit #getshitdone #summerprojectsoutdoor #entrapreneur

Visualization is a major part of success. See yourself living your goals . #entrapreneur #summerprojectsoutdoor #getshitdone #ifitaintharditaintworthit #mfceolistener

If you have an idea, you don't need anybody's permission to do it. Just you, don't let someone with no experience or with experience in the field that you'd like to get in to tell you it's a stupid idea and you can't do it. Because you can! And only you!

Your clock is ticking down, Don't waist your life on dumb shit that won't matter. Life is a gift, Open it!

What are ur dreams and goals in life. Il be straight up most people never accomplish much in life because there too scared to step out of the norm 9-5 lifestyle and they don't want to be judged by people that don't matter to them. " you are gonna die ". Quote from Garyvee just remember that you will get very old one day and think back about what you did in life and say fuck I waisted it!

If it isn't hard it's not worth shit.
The journey is very hard (new to this but already getting tastes of brutal shit that has to get done to succeed) #keepkillingit #woodworking #entrapreneur #neverfuckinggiveup #mfceolistener #hustle #ifitaintharditaintworthit

Another great quote from Andy frisella

It doesn't matter if it's taking it the trash, or building a sky scraper. The point is when that feeling of "I don't want to do it or I don't feel like it" kick it in the ass and saw like hell in not gonna fucking do it. Get out there and get shit DONE!
#getshitdone #mfceolistener #entrapreneur #doitanyway #hustle #summerprojectsoutdoor

Garyvee..... One of best motivators on earth

They only person you need permission from to go do something is you, don't let nobody else tell you it's a stupid idea(especially if they haven't accomplished anything) point is just fucking do whatever your dream is💪🏻💯

"Execute on your goals daily and get results, it's as simple as that" Andy frisella

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