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Made salmon avocado pasta for @catpluscats. #allthefishes #dinnerdate

Yummy salmon for dinner over arugula! Exciting since I have plans for more salmon tomorrow night. #allthefishes

Pig friend

My delightful Valentine's Day card. (Very amusingly Cat and I managed to select cards for each other from all the cards on earth from the same designer. In fact, I considered this very one before selecting another. We are that adorable. 💜💙)

I'm going to miss this little man when I am on to the next place. [image: sleeping black boy cat.] #notzelda #blackcatsarebestcats

Quiet snowy morning with apple crumble my lovely girlfriend made me and a cup of coffee.

Quiet Sunday afternoon [image: legs in blue jeans crossed, feet propped on couch arm, glasses resting on leg with coffee cup in foreground sitting on lap.]

Big yawn!

Turkey soup that has all the yummies and none of the allergies.

The other night I was walking to my friend's house in the rain and came across this chalk drawing on the sidewalk. ❤ is 💚is ❤️ and I had to stop at capture it incase the rain washed it away. There was something to the way it struck me, in the dark evening, boldly proclaiming its message, even as the elements tried to wash it away. It reminds me that some days, even when I'm not actively resisting, maybe just the message of my life - love lived out loud - is #resistance to the forces in this world that want only hatred. Rebellion is sometimes just living life, and sometimes that's enough when you are cold and wet. #loveisloveislove