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Summer Perez  || LIVE BEAUTIFULLY || ▫️plant based mom + wife ▫️nursing student ▫️yoga + fitness ▫️beauty from the inside out Fav products ⬇

If you think your external circumstances will give you peace, joy and love, you will always find yourself unsatisfied and searching. Your life begins to change when you realize that the source for peace, joy and love is found from within 🦋 @aloyoga

There is magic in believing 😘❤️
Throwback to photobombs and kissing booboos in @aloyoga #2014

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear | Tony Robbins 💜
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Red curry or Thai chick'n stew?? 🤔 Today is my first day of clinical! It's super early in the morning and I can see myself rushing out of the door after getting the kids ready for school, grabbing whatever I need for the day quickly to make it on time. On top of that, my schedule has been so busy that I don't always have the time to meal prep, and plant-based options tend to be limited in my area. But I recently came across these @veestrofood plant-based meals for a healthy and delicious grab-and-go option to take with me for lunch...what a lifesaver these have been! Even if I blindly reached into the freezer for a meal, I know it going to be good 😋 Check out the link in my bio for more details on Veestro and how to get it delivered to your door! Which meals would you pick? #sponsored

You'll never leave where you are until you decide where you'd rather be. | Angela Brown Oberer 🦋 in all @aloyoga

It was a rough weekend, but I ACED my first nursing exam today 💙 I’m grateful I had gone paperless for school since it made it easier for me to bring all my notes so I could study during both ER visits.
Thank you for all the well wishes ❤️Jayden is doing better with the treatments, and he is going for follow up soon to see if it’s just an acute issue or something that will be long-term 🙏

Yesterday I was planning on going to the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital walk/run, but I found myself taking my son to the hospital instead when he woke up frantic, unable to take in breaths. He has no prior history of breathing problems. After a few hours we were discharged with an albuteral prescription to take whenever he has an attack. We went home, went about our day, and later he went to bed while I stayed up studying for my exam on Tuesday. About an hour or so later, he began to stir in his and then he popped up out of bed, frantic, unable to breathe. His lips were blue, his fingertips were blue, he was pale. He wasn’t getting air in or out and he was freaking out, running around the room. I tried to give him the albuterol but he didn’t want the child’s mask. I took off the mask and tried to place the pump up to his mouth but he broke away, frantically looking for air. I grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes and told him “I’m trying to help you breathe, this medicine is supposed to help you breathe”... I placed the pump in his mouth and puffed when he inhaled. He had been running an off and on fever most of the week, and this moment was no different, except with his temp of 101.5 F, his heart rate was 147, oxygenation 83%. After some Tylenol, we made our second ER visit for the day, where they ran more tests and gave him a breathing treatment. Now, instead of albuterol for when he has attacks, he’s on scheduled, around the clock puffs until he gets over being sick. Which helps me relax a bit because I don’t want to go to sleep feeling like I might miss an attack and he won’t seek for my help in his panicked search for air. Because during those attacks, his priority was breathing, not seeking assistance in breathing. So right now, I’m about to start studying for my exam, laying next to my sweet baby boy, listening to his breath, and preparing for him to wake up, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst.
I guess the moral of the story is things can change in an instant. Life will challenge you and make you shift gears, and usually at a time that you weren’t expecting. Whether you respond or react is entirely up to you.

What if everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for? 🦋
Goddess leggings @aloyoga

Grow through what you go through 💚
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Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along. | Rae Smith ❤️ @aloyoga

Everything is hard before it is easy. But it will always be hard if you never try, if you never start #practicemakesprogress 🦋
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First it hurts, then it changes you. How it changes you is up to your interpretation 🦋
Outfit @aloyoga , shoes are my sister’s so no idea (yes this is a throwback, I’m still a blonde 😜)

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