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Sumeet Bahl  Radiologist at Mount Sinai Health System • meditation instructor • kriya yogi • real estate investor

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." – Thomas Edison

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Biopsied in a SUPER tight spot. Put the needle a few mm between a rib and the thoracic spine to hit a tumor right between the aorta (biggest artery in the body) and the spinal cord. Credit to Dr. Dreifuss, a great teacher. This is a minor case in @interventionalradiology with a huge impact on a patient's life. We hope people can learn what our very new field can do with a needle. Hope you and your loved ones never need us, but we're there if you do. Have a safe weekend! @mountsinaiir @theii #sofreshandsocleanclean #withoutascalpel #irad #macgyverstyle #patientoutreach

Have a Wonderful...! #socksoftheday #halfwaythere

Have a Terrific...! #socksoftheday #needareminder

Have a Marvelous...!

"Things That Require Zero Talent." Simple and profound thoughts in the interventional radiology suite. Applicable to everyone. Happy Friday! @mountsinaiir

When you climb where you're not supposed to but the meditation spot is just too perfect. The droplets of water danced everywhere. Meditate anytime, anywhere just 5 minutes a day. @where_you_vibe #meditatingdoctor #appalachiantrail #chasingwaterfalls

Pre-birthday hike through the Appalachians with an old friend, talking business, marketing, travel, medicine, meditation, consciousness, physics of time and space, and everything in between. #appalachiantrail #chasingwaterfalls

Driving around East Cobb, checking out some properties with Dad and ran into this gem of a place. Tons of improvement going on. Shout out to Coach Dudley. #waltonhighschool #2001 #memorylane

Mount Sinai Interventional Radiology! It's official. Couldn't have done this without @gayatribahl , Mum, Dad, and above all my Guru. #sguforthewin

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