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AshBe  Full is not heavy as empty

On the rarest of occasions I’ll be groovin to some real spanish tunes in my dorm, but it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone in my residence hall asked me if despacito was a classic where I’m from???? #TheseKidsMakeSick #JulietaVenegas

I’m really hoping my mom ain’t gonna tear into my ass when she finds out about all the online shopping I did with my “grocery” money #GuessWhosNotEatin;) #DIIV

When sleeping pills become snacks #SexAndCandy

I've been a bit busy dealing with embarrassing myself on campus and writing papers, but anyways I just wanted to know what time are we suppose to be dying tomorrow so I can set an alarm #Doomsday

Why tf my iPhone bein extra all of a sudden???? Anyways, I got an 88 on my art history test and this girl that sits next to me said that her whole grade dropped and she was so appalled by it but went back to shading the dinosaur she's been drawing in her notebook for the past 4 classes :(

I almost cut my own hair but my mom called me at the same time telling me I should wait instead so she can make fun of me before it grows out #ABrittanySpearsKindaSunday #ThePatchesArentThatBad

I just worked six hours and took a whole 73 questioned test, but I was thinking about my mom and how we both grinding rn. She dead ass gets on my nerves, but there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. #ImNotThatDark #SwitchedAtBirth

Ppl in class that be so headass about the material and so far up the teachers ass just make me want to make a whole power point presentation of why it doesn't pay off to be a thirsty ass wipe of a student #OyeCariño

Sometimes, I wish that I was back on that stupid shit #6amTrainRides

A contest to see how disgusting I can get within a matter of seconds #YoungCarti

Rekindle the romance between your vices and boredom #ArtForTheMasses

I thought a change in scenery would be nice, but I'm constantly being followed by the things I wanted to leave there #VoyAChingar

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