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AshBe  Full is not heavy as empty

Through the decisions I’ve made, it wasn’t short of anything I wanted #GetUporShutTheFuckUp

Everything is quiet. Nobody is talking and everyone is sitting still for once. This is all I wanted, but I couldn’t hear what was coming next #Silence

There isn’t anything about me that’s really gonna change between today and tomorrow, but the choices I’ve made throughout the year really helped me become me. Let 2018 be that grind time, prime time hunny #LoveAllAround

I was happy to be back home and I knew she was gonna fix everything that was wrong for me #WhereBoysFearToTread

Why can’t lust come in paychecks? #CashOut

When I was taking my final, I remembered this one time when I ran into my room and I fuckin lost control of all my motor skills cause I slipped on my dog’s clear vomit. This song was playing in the background #FinalsAreOverAndDoneWith

It took me a long time to reach this level of ugly #SeniorCenterVisits

I can’t wait to go home after finals and all this bullshit. I’m gonna be thrownin sets with my dog at my house and feed each other nachos. We’re gonna bump goofy ass cardi B songs and I’ll go to concerts at night and have fun. Finally be happy for 12 full minutes 😤#AllABoyReallyWants

Loving is easy, but you had me fucked up #RexOrangeCounty

Everything I wanted, but nothing I needed #TheLadyOnTheRightWasPissed

The happiest day of my life is when I got to exist in the same room as Billy Corgan. Once he finished giving his spiel about his acid trips and prime years, he passed toward me on the way out and I touched his jacket. Moral of the story, I felt star struck and I didn’t wash my hand for 24 hours #HisMovieWasOkay

You ever look back at your grammar school photos and realize you aren’t the toad you use to be. All jokes aside, I’d get extra heated when a hoe said I reminded them of ugly Betty... like bihhhh you remind me of gum disease but I didn’t tell you, did I? #WhenILookToYouISeeNothing

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