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AshBe  It's warm on this side

She'd be putting everyone to shame and these lyrics got me damn near tears #selena

I couldn't get back at him no matter how hard I tried #aLosingGame

Before your mom goes to sleep, whisper Wu-Tang lyrics of your choice into her ear so she'll beat your ass #IMissMyBoy

Full is not heavy as empty my love, not nearly my love #shaneblanchardXchocolatemilk

I'd do anything for you in the dark #heartbreaksaturdays

Appreciate everyone's growth and failures because you never know when it's going to happen to you #DontBeFullOfYourself

I hope college goes by as quickly as these loans are gonna hit me #survivalofthefittest #jhjoneswillalwaysbeoneofmyfavs

It's absolutely CoOkEd if you think I'm going to show any sign of emotion in any public setting #IDontLikeMyTeeth

The simplicity of being young and gruesome #eastersunday

I hope I get this job and I don't care about the ugly ass uniforms #minimumwage

Just know who really getting up and who really getting down #southsidesweets

How imma stunt on them if it's 350 degrees outside??? #TheJacketIsWithTheFit #MotherNatureSnoozin

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