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Joey Sullivan  23. Born and raised MO.

Not prepping for a show, not dieting or training extremely hard, just living life with balance now. I've found that there has to be balance to everything. If not, it's one extreme to another.. Strict dieting for weeks could lead to a week binge for the average person. I can tell you from experience! Find a happy medium. Work hard, but enjoy life also.
If YOU need help finding that happy medium hit me up! I'm more than happy to help you with your goals🙂
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More adventure pictures with @rjmermaid 🙂Gods world is so vast and beautiful!

Hello folks. The pic is just to catch your eye!😁 It was at theta float spa, But please read.
I have been posting a bit on my story about sensory deprivation tanks, and have had a lot of questions from different people. So I will explain what it does for me personally. I have been in some difficult phases mentally lately, just with some of life's stresses and some personal worry's. I gave this thing a try and it really gave me a mental break and also mental clarity. I get out of this thing feeling like a million bucks. I haven't even got into what it does for me after a hard training day.
I recover extremely fast paired with some stretching. I don't know how this isn't a HUGE deal to athletes of all types. Give these links a look and hmu if you have any questions! Thanks for reading👌🏻

My the 4th be with you! Enjoying some of Gods creation with good company. I love this beautiful country along with the great people in it! 🇺🇸❤️😁
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Always respect, and God always bless our veterans. Our freedom isn't cheap, it has been paid for in the blood of some one willing to fight and die for it.

I love my babies.😘

For those following my prep, "or what little content I post 🙈" 8 weeks to go. I took 8th place last year at nationals. This next 8 weeks my mindset will be to only become an ifbb professional athlete, which will require I take 1st place!🏆 I'm it it to win it!🙏🏻

Food for thought
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