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Suki Lock  Designer | writer | photog | stargazer | minecraft gamer | wannabe rockstar | mother & wife. All iPhone piccas here - unless I say otherwise ;)

"They call it a selfie, because narcissistie is too hard to spell." I like that quote ;) Maybe narcissism is a step too far, but we need to show ourselves some kindness and love. Not always easy, I know, but a worthy goal to work towards. #BshamelesslyU

If you are gonna label something/someone, this is one of the better ones. #jaggeddaisy photo shoot.

Zillion being adorable.

Partial lunar eclipse now happening. Will cover about 25% of moon at max.
Taken with iPhone through eye piece of 8inch 'scope.

Got a new mug today. Thank you C,C&H :)

Hubbie's birthday - and kidlets helping him to assemble a present :)

Client/friend just gave me this beautiful flowers (& chocolates!). Thank you Nicolette, you really did brighten my day.

Head over to my "MADE by jagged" page on Facebook, and enter to stand a chance to win a bunny I designed and made, a scarf by my mom-in-law and a candle holder by my sister-in-law.

Been so inspired after attending the book launch of @btrixdsigns that I started 2 projects (after fixing 3 broken crochet blankets in our house). Wish these where some of Beatrix's natural fibres too, but these "wools" are still really pretty colours. My mom-in-law does the sellable crochet work for MADE by jagged, our little craft side business, but my kids are already excited about their scarves that I've barely started, I think I deserve a pat on the back ;)

Anyone wanna buy me a 3D printer? Or alternatively give me like R6000 and I'll buy my own. I feel like I NEED one in my life...

I think I'm getting the evil eye...

Decided to teach myself to do lino fabric printing. Soon I want to print my own designs on clothing, starting with Gothly bunny of course, but as a first project I printed a hoodie inspired by an Enderman for a friend's son's birthday - he is a big Minecraft fan and I am very happy with the end result :)

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