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Call JG Wentworth 877-CASH-NOW
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Hi, my name is not important.
I'm not from here, I'm imported.
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My not-so-favorite car I own.

Pythagorean theorem, bitch. | @ajbaranphoto |

What’s good Instagram?
It’s me, Sukie muafuckin’ Kim.

It’s been a long time without y’all Weenie Whackers and Spider-Man trainers. But I’m back, for now, to flaunt in my whips that the banks own, bring you censored nudes, and maybe throw in some weak ass hashtags because I know that’s what y’all are here for. |@_xavieralbert|


Yo, hey, herrroooo. Ling Ling here. Ummm. My #SamsungNote8 is saying there's moisture detected in my charging port [it's not from my shower snaps 😂] and it kinda won't charge.... So if you don't hear from me via social media/texting/calling it's because:

My sick ass flip-phone snapped, or the Note blew up and I blew up with it, or I'm just ignoring you. Just kidding, just kidding. But... I did lose all my contacts and my collection of screen-shotted dick pics when I swapped cellular devices 💔. So those who have my number, please kindly state your name and attach a nude. And if you're going to play games, like always... I'll post your information on Craigslist and Tranny forums 😄. Sorry for the long post. 🍆

Happy Plan B Day. 💊 ✧ @edmarcelino

When you love your car more than you love yourself.

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