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I don't need no love darling
I'm just trying to get some company
I suggest you come with me β€’@edmarcelino

It's almost Cuddle season. πŸ€— β€’ @laitography

Dame un poco love with some Hennessey. β€’ @ajbaranphoto

Well, since I didn't make it to #SIV nor #JCCS this year, here's my new project car that will be going to SIV next year.

But I'll keep your number saved
'Cause I hope one day you'll get the sense to call me
I'm hoping that you'll say
You're missing me the way I'm missing you
So I'll keep your number saved
'Cause I hope one day I'll get the pride to call you
To tell you that no one else
Is gonna hold you down the way that I do πŸ’” πŸ”« πŸ–•πŸΌ β€’@edmarcelino

β™“ β€’ @edmarcelino

Flew to Houston just to test the Samsung Gear 360. And to see @wardautoracing's famous Supra. πŸ€— #Supra #MK3 #JZA70 #Toyota #burnout

Almost posted an uncensored nude. I done know y'all wouldn't wanna see that. πŸ€” β€’@edmarcelino

All my life I've been a player, player, player
But I don't wanna play no more
I guess that's the effect you got on me
Somebody better say a prayer, prayer, prayer
For the one I was before
I guess that's the effect you got on me
β€’@edmarcelino #PlotTwist

Simon, simon ese.
Yo soy China Chingon.
Mi cucha es peluda.
No es pelon.
Me gusta cerveza
Con sal y limon.
Donde estan las hynas
Que son cacheton β€’@fckinpatrick

Coconut-Head from Ned's Declassified β€’ @ajbaranphoto

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