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S U K A N Y A M O K T A N  Our souls are like a galaxy of stars fused together in ethereal unison.Maybe we're not complex.Maybe we're meant to be unfathomably spectacular-SM ❤🌹

"Why are we embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in all the noise?" ⚡️

Baby @kimchi0815 all grown up now. 💛

Thank you for loving me the way you do and for being the one thing that I can be sure of amidst all the chaos and uncertainties in life. I love you @siddarth_gyabak and "If I had a definition of magical, my life with you would be it." Happy Valentine's Day babe!! ❤️✨

Back with #awkwardhandpose and this time ft my scrunchy. 😑

Scooby ❤️🐶✨

I've got sunshine in my pocket. ⚡️

"Everyone should have their minds blown once a day" ✨

"City of stars. Are you shining just for me?"

"At some point you realize as different as you feel from everyone else around you, you've found someone who is the same. Someone who gets it. You trust them. You'd trust them with your life if you had to because somewhere along the way, they've kind of saved you. You talk about dreams that you feel might never come true but they look at you and believe in you and have confidence in you enough that you start believing in yourself too"

Bewitched by this 11 pm view from my balcony. 🌟

Omigod!! I must have definitely done something right in my life to have deserved a best friend like you. This may sound dramatic but I honestly CANNOT imagine living a life without you. I mean, is our day even complete without talking to eachother?? I want to remind you that you're not alone, (this is regarding the convo we had yesterday) I will always be there for you Regi as a bestfriend AND as the annoying "t*ps" sister you never had. Hahaa Happy belated Birthday baby!!
I am soooo very proud of you for the mature and graceful woman you've grown up to be. May you keep getting hotter and more beautiful as the years go by. Here's to growing "old" together!! 😂 I looooooove you ❤️ And yes, "We shall triumph over all odds together". May the grass always be greener on YOUR side sweetheart. ✨ #mybestfriendisbetterthanyours

"Slow dance with me on a rooftop at sunset under a sky painted with our dreams." ✨

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