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kimjoonmyeon~  hello everyone! this is mainly for our suho oppa~ the leader and vocalist of the group, EXO! i will follow back if yours is exo-related. :)

birthday spam~

im back because it's
suho's birthday! i'm
so sorry i've been
and so, happy birthday
to our most precious,
dorky, handsome, small,
brave, rich leader!!!!
im so happy omg. i wish
he made an ig though :c
suho, please take care
of your babies and dont
let your husband leave
exo because i will kill
him. haha, jk. but, seriously,
i just want exo to be
together forever💕
enough of the speech
because i will put the rest
in my prayer for him and exo ^^

i dont even know, but
i think i wont be upda-
ting as much like before
because of this current
situation.. so ill be on
semi-hiatus until things
cool off and SMent. will
fix this ^O^ im sorry~

please do not unfollow
though! thank you!!! #WeBelieveInKris
#WeAreOne 💕

kris updated his weibo
saying "i'm ok", and with
that.. i can finally rest
in peace.
please be happy, kris,
exo, we are one :)
#webelieveinkris 💕

a fan said in twitter:
"Dear, Suho and Siwon,
can you guys join and
raise up money then buy
a company together?"

swollen eyes, oh my

i just watched this today
and i must say.. suho i
am really proud of you
for being strong for exo!
we still believe in exo,
thank you for that wonder-
ful speech. i totally cried
like a baby, watching him
sing and dance, all ALONE!
#webelieveinkris 💕

notice anything different?
fuck all of this bullshit
SMEnt. is trying to ruin
EXO's lives, their human
rights. i dont even know
what to do anymore..

this just made me cry
please kris dont do
this to us. its breaking
me apart 😭

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