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Suhailah Wali | mmanequin  Professional Natural Hair Stylist Catering to ALL Textures Based in NY 🗽📍 Owner of @Suhstudios

Cotton Candy.Cherry.Bomb.covered in Chocolate 🍬🍒💣🍫

Shame on a nigga who try to run game on a nigga... - @wutangclan — Art by the dopest @laolunyc 🙏🏾

Daddy Lessons: 1. Always put Allah (God) first in whatever you do
2. Stay away from them niggas in the streets. 🖤never understood that second part as a kid but GIIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLL I MF KNOW NOW WHAT HE WAS SAYING lolol. Never a moment or second that I don’t miss you💔❤️ #Og #LilOg

Rare imagery of me going apeshit....

Ajak & Suh. Coming to a neighborhood near you, making it do what it do.
Lookin mean & Clean in @celine ❤️
Stylist @roderickhawthorne

Happy Birthday to this Queen words cant express the love, care, and strength you give us ALL. Thank you for everything, always.May Allah bless you with many more birthdays ❤️❤️❤️ love you Umi. 💙Pictures from Eid💙 #iGetitFromMyMomma

Feeling myself.
-when you’re supposed to be getting dressed but you can’t get over this new color and do!! Big thank you the @babylissprousa team ❤️❤️❤️
@sh_diddy_babylisspro @nicole_fowler_babylisspro

Misshapes pt.3

Model @stephaniealicia__
Mua @sevenknows
Photographer @neriahmc
Hair @suhstudios using @mizaniusa
Creative Dir. @suhailahwali

Crown ; Misshaped pt.2

Model @stephaniealicia__
Mua @sevenknows
Photographer @neriahmc
Hair @suhstudios
Creative Dir. @suhailahwali

Crown ; Misshaped •

New work with the lovey @stephaniealicia__
Mua @sevenknows
Photographer @neriahmc
Hair/ Creative Dir. @suhstudios/ @suhailahwali

FCG- Suhailah by @edmaximus
From the fingers to the toes, they all must pose

If you don’t hype me up like this upon my dance’ll receive no more arrivals from me lol Hype man and bff @sevenknows

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