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Plus Fashion + Lifestyle Blog  πŸ‘Ÿ Suger Coat It β€’ Melissa Walker Horn πŸ’» Your straight talking interwebs BFF πŸ’¬Not into ironing? Me either. Try these.

Want to see these khaki woven harem pants in action? They're on the blog this morning under the title Mr Suger's least favourite outfit, ever! Yup, that happened. Happy Monday to all the ladies who are into drop crotch pants and the men that don't get them. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» #psblogger #mystyle #harempants

Dinner and drinks with the Mr wearing @ellos_usa jacket over some comfy basics. I love clothes that I can live in, and these guys are proving to be a great addition to my wardrobe. Make sure you follow them for updates, team. Meanwhile, it's time for Masterchef! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ .
EDIT: I just put the link in my story, because I can do that now, so exciting. #sponsored #LOVEellos #MYellos #sugersoutfit #datenight

Nothing to see here people, just a girl trying to get her week planned, last week's jobs done and all that goodness. BUT (and yes, it's a big but) Mr Suger will be home later after working this weekend and we are going oooout. Thank goodness, I feel like I've been inside for the last month. Can't wait. How's your Sunday doing? Anyone else been in quarantine? 😷😷😷 #sugersplace #weekendvibes #workworkwork

Just lean casually on that fence, she said. πŸ‘» Poor @bambigosbell_photographer, lucky after almost 12 years she's used to me. Haha. Link to this post in my story.
#sugersoutfit #bloopers #mybodypositive

Today, I'm going to make something! A whole bunch of somethings, actually. A blog design for a cool chick, some photos for me, and some mini eBooks for a client. Excited that my blog and business gives me so many ways and chances to create stuff. And can I tell you, making stuff is THE best feeling in the world. What are you making today? Coffee counts. πŸ˜‰ #leaveyourmark #makessomething #sugersocial

READ ME! So, I'm rebuilding my website. Yup, after a billion years it's time for a redesign. Who's excited!!? Yeah, at this stage, probably just me. Haha. .
IF you wanted to make a suggestion for things to be incorporated, leave it below or DM me. Things like what can you never find? Do you like the outfit gallery? Do we need a resource page where you can download all the things from one place? Speak now or forever hold your pieces. And of course, watch this space. .
#teamsuger #bloglife #redesign #unsplash #psblogger

When you're into red wine, coffee and all sorts of other habits that aren't white teeth friendly what do you do? Add to this being pretty into the internet, YouTube and such things and well pffft; Charcoal tooth whitening, of course! Hashtag Hipster.
This one is via @eboniivory_ and I'll report back, team. So far the mirror coverage when I spat it out laughing at myself was pretty good. Haha. 😬😬😬 #sugersplace #asksuger #onlineshoppingwin

I've been talking to Mr Suger about taking some time away. Somewhere quiet, preferably without Netflix (such a time suck!) to get some space to finish off the million things I have half done in my world right now. A do not disturb hideout is what I need. And I'm thinking, it has to be at the beach, right? Do you have any suggestions? Where do you run away to?? .
#sugersconfidentyou #brainspacerequired

Morning, team! This sleepyhead is up early (with the half asleep face to prove it) to meet with a client before work. Hiding a multitude of sins with my last season @17_sundays knit, messy hair and a billion filters (obvs). Wish me luck! I hope your Wednesday is good to you. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

Totally a threat. Haha. ☠️☠️☠️ #currentmood #qotd #ariestemperonpoint

Omg, it arrived!! My old case died a swift and painful death taking one for the team. Which is a dramatic way of saying I dropped it and it broke but my phone was saaaved! βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ I picked up this beauty from @casetify. And no, I didn't hug the mail man. Okay, I did. But it was Mr Suger so that's not creepy at all. Haha. Isn't it gorgeous? Looooove. #iphone #casetify #onlineshoppingwin

Righto, team! It's time to put my office back together (yes, Mr Suger is still in trouble about that) and get to work. I've got pictures to take, posts to schedule and emails to reply to. Sooooo many emails. I got behind, please accept my apologises in the form of this sad face. 😒 Blog Tuesday, let's do this! #sugersplace #workworkwork

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