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Janine Mudge  All I want to be in this life, is anything other than ordinary. Follow me at runninginoddsocks for my fitness journey.

Big shoes (and jumpers) to fill #ohmyheart #sosmart #fashionista

Her first book week. Have you ever seen a cuter penguin?
#bookweek #penguin #thatsnotmy

My new favorite things - Espionage nail wraps. This week's manicure, masks accent nail and two blues ombre.
#espionagecosmetics #nerdynails #nailwraps #ombrenails

Perfect end to a perfect day.
#happybirthdaydaddy #thatgiggle #littledarcyrabbit

Shhh...Nobody move a muscle or make a sound and I might just get a coffee and an episode in before everyone else gets up.
#mumlife #btvs #happysunday #teamspike

Who needs sensory play time when you've got weetbix for breakfast!
#littledarcyrabbit #weetbix #sensoryplay #notmycarpet

Games night at the Mudge's. All very serious.
#settlersofcatan #gamesnight

A few weeks ago, determined to set a good example for my angel, I got my butt into gear and laced up my running shoes for the first time in months. It felt amazing to get back out and see progress again. Then last week, I started getting ready to go out, and couldn't find clean matching socks. It seems like such a tiny thing (and it is) but it was a huge lightbulb for me. I nearly used it as an excuse to not go out - how crazy is that. But I went anyway, and while I was running I couldn't stop thinking about these stupid socks and what they represented. Every time I've let the smallest thing derail me, every tiny excuse I've let slip into my narrative. The amount of times I'd confused self love with self indulgence. When it happened again last week, instead of making me frustrated, it made me smile. It made me want to go out, to show those stupid socks and all that they represented that they weren't the boss of me. I love this feeling - I feel in control for the first time in a long time, and I want to keep sharing it with you all. So in honour of my new found motivation I'll be making my fitness journey a permanent fixture but moving it to a new page. My love of food and my beautiful family will stay here, and all things running, yoga and pole you'll now find @runninginoddsocks Now to go shopping for the craziest socks I can find :)

So this happened again. I swear I did washing! Went for a morning run yesterday, but tested out a new app without realising it didn't automatically track pace/distance. Woops. Was a nice exercise in mindfulness, just focusing on my breathing and keeping a solid pace. Went back to rundouble today and took that mindfulness with me on my odd-socked journey. Less sprinting and more consistent intervals. Imagine Dragons take the honour for fastest interval today: 5.18 Ave 7.34 Week 2 - Nailed it!
#imontopoftheworld #running #c25k #week2 #imatriceratops #oddsocks

Walked 6km yesterday, half of it in the rain, pushing the pram. Some tough hills, but it was worth it just to see this gorgeous rainbow. Left me a bit stiff for today's run but managed a respectable pace. It's amazing how much difference to your intervals an extra 30 seconds can make. Overal 7.59/km Fastest 5.54. Justin Timberlake getting me there today. Now to stretch for 20 hours. ...ouch

#C25K #week2 #dontforgettostretch #theresalwaysarainbow #rainbow #running #cantstopthefeeling

Because not being able to find matching clean socks is not an excuse to miss my run. Week one done! Fastest interval cracked the 5 min mark! 4.59! Ave interval 7.20. Katy Perry getting me through my run today.
#hearmeroar #washday #C25K #imatriceratops

Guess what I learned to do today!! I have never been able to head/hand stand - ever - so this is huge for me. It's wall assisted but I can't get enough and now I know I'm well on my way to an unassisted handstand.
#headstand #headstandsalljune #imatriceratops #newskill #yoga #fwfg

When bubby got yet another kindy bug, I got really frustrated and discouraged. This is my 4th go at starting the C25K and sleep deprivation and stress do not make good running buddies. But last night she slept for 7 hours straight, so this morning I got up with my alarm, ignored the it was only 6 degrees outside and kicked my run's ass. Take that world! Ave interval pace 7.29/km best interval 5.02/km !! Now if only I can keep that pace up in longer runs. #C25K #Week1Day2 #nevergiveup #babysteps #imatriceratops

First run in over 2 months. Feels amazing to get out again. #c25k #somuchsweat #runforrestrun

Sprung! Could they be any cuter! #littledarcyrabbit #teapartytime

Sunday stories with these cuties. #littledarcyrabbit #readitagaindaddy

When traffic deals you a bad hand and you don't have time to stop for dinner. #whole30 Day 12 #Makinggoodchoices #kooeesnacks

Now that's what I call health food! Grass-fed beef sausage and sprouts. Day 10 and going strong. #whole30 #Cleaversmeats #stillcrapatphotos

Mmm. Pear and zucchini crumble. Get in mah belleh! #whole30 #isuckatfoodphotography

Today's "activity" was jelly. Wich is really just afternoon tea disguised as sensory play. She's not feeling great today, so these smiles are a welcome sight. #littledarcyrabbit #multitaskingwin #stillnotmycarpet

Make coloured pasta they said. It'll be fun they said #littledarcyrabbit #funwithfooddye #notmycarpet

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