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wayne berkowitz  @superfuture instagram is now guest edited... i'm also on pinterest @superfuture7 as well as @superfuture

back to base in sydney after 8 weeks and an epic 18 airline checkins 😱. made it to the last day of #ryojiikeda for some HD digital therapy to help my brain transition back to work mode.

bangkok lady taxi driver with windscreen fashion accessory. 3 am.

mid summer furnace heat and a mist machine #bonedry #niceview

several 1000 years of people climbing this marble vantage point has made it lethally slippery and no match for 2018 adidas campus sneakers. i slipped spectacularly and gashed my ankle. #bloodbath #niceview

roadwork or contemporary art installation. not sure.

retrolux retail ruins

junk store intensity usually tells a lot about a city. i found this within 2 minutes of walking out door of hotel. seeing #athens for the first time is totally nuts (especially the somewhat dodgy area around here) 🇬🇷⚡️

bumpy landing with the odd dust tornado

geology and aqua porn overload. ok... no more rock shots after this post I promise. thanks again bh for having me on this rather epic voyage around the #cyclades - one of the best trips ever 🇬🇷🦑 xxx #rockporn #aquaporn

insane colour spectrum gradations everywhere you look. #intense #nofilter #yellowgreenblue

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