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Búp Len 

Sắp ra mắt album bolero 😂😂😂

Inspired by #uniquelab art

Đi tè nha :))) #smartdog #happydog #love

Dear You, please be the same girl You used to be, life is dark and cruel doesn't mean you have to be the same #leisure #consolation #incomplete #portrait #pencildrawing

Màu cũ của những người trẻ #retro #quancafeso81 #reminisce #peace

Nothing much #empty

It doesnt matter how hard you've tried. In the end it's all the same. You just quit, dont even bother fixing it, you let it be cuz you're tired, not because you're helpless. Things stopped mattering to you. You stood still and saw them pass by, you went numb, intentionally, you shielded yourself from the noise. It's not disappointment, It's something else. Something more. People call it depression. #sofreakingdeep

Even the one who witnessed the whole thing cannot understand you, still pick on your pain for fun, what can you expect from others? To shed some tears, or to say 'I know' ?

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