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INSTAGRAM TIPS with #Sue🐝  3 Golden Rules: • Community 1st • Hydrate 💦🍋 • Move Your ASS 📍Boston | Cape Cod IG TIPS 4 Biz ➔ @TheInstagramExpert ⇩Best Instagram Strategy Guide

My guys always have my eyes ❤️🐶 -
If you want 👀on your guys grab my free Instagram Guide link is in my bio :: #anniversaryweekend
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Happy Mom
Seeing my twins ❤️❤️together on a beautiful beach in Sydney (so far away) makes me so proud.
I love that they are confident, fearless, adventurous young adults who love to explore the world.
There were many days when all they did was yell & fight. So seeing the love & the hugs is priceless.
Kira means sun ☀️
Lila means night 🌙
K & L are next to each other in the alphabet
The both have 4 letters
I thought about all this when I named them.
Recently they both said "mom don't be upset but" ..... can you guess what they said? I'll wait for the comments and in 24 hours let you know. #thiswillbefun
Yup they are getting ☀️🌙 tattoos - and I am totally fine with it 💕

Tell me what does success mean to you? To me it's ending my day with this magical view & taking the time to reflect on the things that matter most.
Trust me, it's not my likes or the number of followers on Instagram- it's the difference I am making with those who choose to commit & understand that you can be happier doing what you love you just have to lead with your heart.
If you need a starting place the link in my bio takes you to my 10 page free Instagram guide. 💕😊 *
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When your clients are your friends and your friends like Boomerang as much as you ... #winning
Had a great time at the @sbzteam live workshop this weekend with 16 hyper focused business owners then took a few breaks to show the power of good lighting ( hotel filter), face filters & Boomerang... TU @jamielpalmer @wendyanngentry @tallfitmom @coachjenrulon for all the FUN shenanigans 🤣😂🤣😂

🙏🏻 Sometime life turns you around and takes you upside down - today for the first @rowansrituals guided me into a headstand .. this is something I've never done before.
Was it scary? YES
Was it hard? YES
But because I was present, focused, and determined… I did it! The same principles apply to being a successful business owner. sometimes you have to do something that scares you or is that is completely outside your comfort zone - try it and let me know in the comments below that one thing that you did that made a difference today!
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#sue🐝fact - I love teaching!
Today on my YouTube channel I teach you how to do ENGAGEMENT the right way on Instagram - seriously so many of you need to pause and tap in to the link in my bio bc when you get engagement down the REAL followers come :: #igotyou *
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Swipe Left 7 times .... if you want to hear my heart felt voice .. then turn up ↑↑ the volume this carousel is a good one & gives you some of the details - link in my bio give you all of them - remember to use the code "readysetsale" - case sensitive
Here's a quick recap for all of you messaging me:
Ready Set Gram Regular
This is includes the 8 core video lessons, the private Facebook group (where I’ve been teaching every Sunday), and the other amazing bonuses including a brand new one; My Go-To Tools & Resources.
Ready Set Gram Plus (opportunity expires on Thursday 5/18 at 11:59pm EST)
This included EVERYTHING you get with the regular version PLUS a Personalized Audit Experience where I will be personally looking at your account TWICE to give you specific feedback and advice.
If you need me to answer any of your questions just send me an Instagram DM - see you on the inside 💕🐝 :: #theinstagramexpert *
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Oh ya you definitely want to hop on over to the link in my bio & join my last of 4 webinars to learn the 5 things you need to focus on NOW to have real results on Instagram - when I say results I am talking about clicks to your website, you're offering, your product or service.
This is tonight at 7pm EST - see you then *
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Sue B. here with a BRAND NEW webinar.
But I only want you to sign up if you’re feelin’ a little bit creative, you’re insanely passionate about what you do, and you want to learn the following…
How to get started using Instagram strategically for your business.
What you REALLY need to be sharing on Instagram in order to attract potential customers instead of spammers and everyone else in your industry.
The 5 main focus areas you need to think about consistently in order to maintain a healthy and active Instagram presence. to continuously drive traffic to your blog or website.
Click the link in your bio to pick the best time for you there are 4 choices 💕🐝:: #theinstagramexpert *
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Here's to all the dads who make being a mom complete 🌷
Meet my Instagram husband 🤣Rog
He is not on Instagram
He has no idea how hashtags work
He loves biking, exploring +flowers
He is my #1 fan & supports my daily mission to hep other passionate creative business owners understand the power of IG
Occasionally you will see him in my IG Stories but he is always encouraging me to be stronger, smarter and a savvy business women - he's the dad to my 3 wonderful independent daughters and makes being a mom complete!
Yup I'm hustling hard today prepping for my upcoming webinar (link in bio) but first we are gong to have brunch w the fam then go to @icaboston :: #myrock -
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Just like you have to tie your shoes if you don't want to trip, you have to master the basics before you make a sale on Instagram!
For those of you who are struggling with this whole make money from Instagram... I see you I hear you and I got you!! Yes ALL of you 💕
Link in bio takes you to the 4 live webinars I am hosting next week -
✔️New to Instagram
✔️Converting from Personal to Biz Acct
✔️ Not making $$
If any of these ✔️'s are you then click the link in my bio 📲 :: #fridayfriends #theinstagramexpert- @immersephotography 📷 -
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