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INSTAGRAM TIPS with #Sue🐝  6/30 is #SocialMediaDay 🌴San Diego @smdaysd 📲IG Stories 🕦 11:30 PST 📍6/28 - 7/1 San Diego IG TIPS 4 Biz ➔ @TheInstagramExpert ⇩BEST IG Guide 4 Biz


Who lives in San Diego? 🌴
I will be there Wed - Sunday and I am doing a #suebmeetup - I am also going to be live streaming at @billygeneismarketing (so be sure to keep your 👀 out for that in my Instagram Stories)
June 30th is the 8th annual social media day. This is my 3 time speaking at a conference celebrating social media's impact on global communication and it also celebrates my personal journey teaching social meida and my fifth year teaching Instagram Marketing.
This year, I will be speaking in San Diego at @smdaysd - the line up of speakers is Ahhmazzing, the price to attend in very affordable and it's at the beautiful Bahia Resort Hotel where the beach vibes are endless!
✔️Learn the latest in social media marketing
✔️Discover the latest on Facebook, Instagram, Video, Stories, Social Ads, and more!
✔️Network like a Ninja
🛳If you can’t make it for the full day of festivities you can join me at 5:00 pm for the official Social Media Day San Diego Networking Party & Boat Cruise.
Get ALL the deets here >> @smdaysd :: #theinstagramexpert -
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This is my answer to "Sue, how did you become so successful?
Here's my best advice to all of you -
✔️Image yourself successful
✔️Always picture yourself successful
✔️Visualize the person you want to become or the success in your business you want to have
✔️Set aside time each day and concentrate on your desires + goals
✔️See yourself self confidence + capable.
FACT - Every business I had ( I've had 18 - I have manifested what I wanted .. I persistently woke up did the fucking work and achieved what I set out to accomplish. You can too!! If you have a friend who needs to read this - go ahead a tag them - you will make their #sundayfunday 🤣
TU @iamruby #lovepunch for this reminder 🙌🏻 #repost
PS - I have a potty mouth - don't follow me if this offends you 🐝💕
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Well this just happened!!
Thank you all for your double taps, comments, views in my stories and tuning in LIVE - Instagram is my #HappyPlace #suebzimmerman #theinstagramexpert
TU @boldbrandfast for this #InstaAwesome graphics xo

Wag More Bark Less 🐶💕 Need to understand how to quickly engage to all your comments and notifications on Instagram?… The link in my bio takes you to my latest blog post that teaches you how to use the desktop more efficiently and effectively. :: #theinstagramexpert -
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All you need is purpose, persistence & a burning desire to reach for the sky 🌹 :: #yougotthis
#falmouthbeach #falmouthheights #capecodliving #capecodstyle #capecod #roseseason #whitespace

Instagram - "It's the power of making people feel like they are with you ... experiencing what you are experiencing"
If you are struggling with what to post the link in my bio with get you grounded :: #theinstagramexpert
#beachcomber #capecodliving #falmouthbeach #falmouthheights #rsgcommunity

Grateful for all the new relationships I have when speaking and meeting new people. At #smmw17
I met @jeffmcmahontbc my Ahhhhmazzing virtual personal trainer 👊🏻 (he filmed this video)
Repeat after me #yourhealthisyourwealth - it doesn't matter how much money you have if you don't have your health. I am not talking your weight I am talking about honoring your body and taking time everyday to move it.
I am working on a very exciting new project & exercising daily helps me stay focused - would love to hear what strength exercises you enjoy the most.... I really like the kettle ball :: #moveyourass

#Sue🐝Says- "Workout because you love your body not because you hate it."
#preech 👊🏻🙌🏻💪🏻 TAG someone who needs this reminder 👊🏻
TU @aly_raymer for this reminder #repost - *
#yourhealthisyourwealth #workoutmindset #bostonbusinesswomen #capecodliving #capecod #moveyourass

Taking you behind the scenes of a video I shot for an upcoming project that I can't wait to share with you all!
Wanna Know My Secret to Success?
Having FUN teaching!
It's that simple!
When you teach from the heart and show up consistently in a branded memorable way that gives value - people listen, people like you, people talk about you and you make money doing what you love.
If you wanted me to show up in your in box weekly and be the first to know about my upcoming (very soon) project then just click the link in my bio and grab my free guide 📲
Oh and keep watching my stories - this is where ALL the behind the scenes goes down 💕🐝 :: #theinstagramexpert

#FilmingDay 🎥 - lots of hard work, focus + commitment goes into creating videos for my YouTube channel - sometime changing up a background is all it takes to give me a new perspective
Sometime I am teaching from the computer (click the link in my bio to see that in action) and sometimes it's front facing - today is one of those days - documenting it all on my Instagram Stories today #followalong
Here is my check list:
✔️ Good Night Sleep
✔️ Healthy BFast
✔️ Walk with Mr.🐶
✔️ Blow Dry
✔️ Practice Script -
✔️ Bullet Talking Points
✔️ Talk to the Camera as if I am talking to you #canyoufeelme
Today's video is all about the 5 Things I did to Scale My Biz - are you interested? LMK below :: #theinstagramexpert

#swipeleft 10 time really fast - I created a flip book Carousel 🤣
If you want to know what a carousel is, how to create one and what to share I have 7 ideas for your biz? Link in my bio takes you to you to my blog post! 📲
This InstaGal is on the move again this time back to the beach where Sue🐝 searches for seashells 🐚 TU @nicoleerceg for taking 📷
Tag me on your Carousel Post so I can come over and say Hi
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Back in the sky where my mind gets clarity and focus every time I reflect & think about how far I've come in 5 years l
Success isn't a race, it's a process and for me it's living life full on everyday - some days are hard and stressful but most days I have clarify and focus one what I want and who I want to reach & teach.
If you are struggling with making money doing what you do, grab my guide - the link is in my bio 📲
Not only will you get my 20 page Free Instagram Guide, you can also get my attention and if your looking to learn from someone who cares & has been there done that let me know below 💕🐝 :: #theinstagramexpert -
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