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madison mclendon  Never fear the change with in yourself fear it not being the change for the better and above all fear not changing at all...

Mother nature brings me peace

Burger King and friends

Life is full of dreams that you have to follow

Panda power means individuality

Born to be myself but not to be anybody else

My sexy man at dinner god I live you

True shit

There are times you just have to show your inner crazy bitch and show people who you truely are and not give a damn about the judgemental people

There are times that I wish I could go back to the simplest times in life.... Where you didn't give a damn about the latest gossip and news about the kardashians where the only thing we worried about as a child is what time we had to go inside for dinner after playing outside all day the world's turned to shit because of social expectations and the corrupted government standards rulles and laws

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