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Roger Yong  sub·vert: verb /səbˈvərt/ 1. bring about the complete downfall or ruin of 2. to undermine the moral principles of; corrupt

when the wind picked up / and the fire spread / and the grapevines seemed left for dead / and the northern sky / looked like the end of days / the end of days

and true love waits / in haunted attics / and true love lives / on lollipops and crisps

they were right when they said / we were breathin' underwater / out of place all the time / in a world that wasn't mine to take

the choice for you is the view to a kill / between the shades assassination standin' still / the first crystal tears / fall as snowflakes on your body / first time in years / to drench your skin with lover's rosy stain / a chance to find a phoenix for the flame / a chance to die

c'mon, ev'rybody's talking about / ministers, sinisters, banisters and canisters / bishops and fishops and rabbis and popeyes and bye-bye, bye-byes / all we are sayin' is give peace a chance

how can i save my little boy / from oppenheimer's deadly toy? / there is no monopoly of common sense / on both sides of the political fence

you'll remember me / when the west wind moves / upon the fields of barley / you'll forget the sun / in his jealous sky / as we walk in fields of gold

amongst the vending machines / and year old magazines / in a place where we only say goodbye / it stung like a violent wind / that our memories depend / on a faulty camera in our minds

follow her down to a bridge by a fountain / where rockin' horse people eat marshmallow pies / everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers / that grow so incredibly high

all that i fear / don't turn away / and leave me to plead in this hole of a place / what if i never break / estuary won't you take me / far away

when you said the veins in my left hand were shaped like a tree / was that the very last time you really looked at me / i'm in trainin' to become as cold as ice / i'm determined to protect my feelings to disguise

no snow, so we feast.
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