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suburbanhome  Marketing director for Illegal Petes! I write, I travel, I eat and I'm hungry for more!


Great show! Fun times! And good hangs with my bestie @amyo777 #virgilsfaves2018

3 oif my favorite people in Tucson!

There’s a lesson here:
Tsa precheck was closed and the Tsa line was the longest I’ve see in some time. As I’m nearing the middle of the line I start to get anxious as I’m not confident I’ll catch my flight. Like any seasoned traveler, I take a deep breath, pull out my phone and check the Southwest app. Because of weather, my flight is delayed til midnight, an hour and a half after my original flight time. I relax knowing that I’ll soon get through Tsa and find the loving embrace of Root Down’s bar stool. As I travel up the escalator to concourse C, my heart drops. Root Down is closed. As I walk towards my gate, every bar along the way is either closed or close to closing. I find the Silver Bullet lounge and to my surprise, people are enjoying drinks at the bar. I sit down and the bartender gives me the sign that they are done serving. Somewhat defeated, I consider my options and decide to walk to the other side of concourse C. As I do so, I approach a group of security guards and ask them if they knew of any bars still serving. One of them, the humanitarian of the bunch, says that Chef Jimmy’s in concourse A is still serving. I get the last seat at the bar and order a double whiskey! The lesson, if, for some reason you are still reading: never doubt for one moment that if you are in Colorado, there is somewhere close by willing to take your money in exchange for booze!

Made Korean food for my loved ones, because to me Korean food is love! Hope you are having a nice V day! #virgilskitchen

“I like Valentine’s Day because I like candy!” - Logan
I don’t like Valentine’s Day but I love this little man! Happy day friends!

St Vincent and @ilegalmezcal ! That’s all that I need tonight!

Made everything from scratch last night: refried beans, New Mexican green Chile, Spanish riced cauliflower, and scallops! #virgilskitchen

I’m going to Mexico with my @illegalpetes fam! These are my seat mates! Wish me luck!

We ready for da big game! Hope it’s a close one! At least there’ll be Case O’ Queso!

When you brother wants you to make riced cauliflower paella for his birthday! #virgilskitchen

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