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SubieWerks Rally Team  Dedicated to the followers of @SUBIEWERKS555. Managed by the Alaskan SW REP.:@TheyCallMeAlaska. Click the EMAIL button to submit your car!


The Alaskan SubieWerks Meet went down today! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have all of next week off to take Andy to do hood rat thangs, so keep an eye out.

Pop Quiz: whose car is this?
Owner: guess

Photographer: Joseph Kennelty

This background is amazing! Do you guys have favorite spots for your favorite shots?? Owner: @trackbound_gc8

Even though it doesn’t look like this in Alaska right now, the two weeks of fall were nice.
Owner: @thane.of.my.existence -Sorry we’ve been MIA guys. We’ve just been super busy with work!

AK SW meet: November 18th (Saturday), Noon - 5 PM.
9700 POINT WORONZOF RD, Anchorage AK

SubieWerks is making its way back into Alaska, this meet I will be giving away FREE @dirtfishrally school gear, and Subaru gear! All you have to do is show up and participate! I will also be raffling off a CRAWFORD Per. AOS (catch can) which will start at 2:30 PM. There will be competitions, and more. Make sure to tell every car enthusiast you know because EVERYONE is welcome to the meet.
If you would like to buy banners, and SubieWerks gear bring cash ahead of time! | #SubieWerks555 #SubieWerksRallyTeam

Who had a high school budget build and what was it? Mine was a 95 2-door Toyota Tercel.
Owner: @simmy_217

Happy Friday my friends.
Owner: @Jesse__lees

I need these mirrors.
Owner: @riko_manalo

Mmm yes (pronounced with Jeremy Clarkson grumble)
Owner: @fl4tout_

I️ am all out of photos to post so please, send yours in! If I️ somehow missed yours, please send it in. Also know that if I️ didn’t post your photo there might be a few reasons why; I️ get quite a few emails with no username (I️ like to give the owner credit for their sweet ride, and the photographer credit of it so applies). Thanks for following, now send in your photos! #launchedition

What Subaru, where. #youcantcme
Owner: @camowrx
Photographer: @connorwesterfield

She’s sittin pretty now.
Owner: @alaskarsti

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