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Subfighter BJJ  BJJ Tournaments Hosted in SoCal by Russ Miura's Subfighter @russmiurabjj created for competitors by a competitor to gain Growth through Experience


Stepping up to face Tyler will be Kobe Dobbs, 14yr old Gracie Fighter Orange belt under Jason Manly, he's an aggressive technician that's always on the attack. This is sure to be an exciting match to watch! For more information or to register before the price goes up, go to Subfighterbjj.com
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Very excited to announce that our Super Fight for the No Gi Summer Challenge will be our 1st ever Teen Super Fight. 15 year old Tyler Brennan, Next Generation HQ Blue Belt under Chris Brennan, has been tearing up the scene in Texas & across the US winning multiple Fight 2 Win Pro events as well as many other super fights. Who would You like to see him matched up against at 115lbs?
Pre Registration price Goes Up in 1 week, for more information go to Subfigherbjj.com
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Registration is Now Open for our No Gi Summer Challenge. On July 9th Men, Women, & Kids of All Experience levels are guaranteed at least 2 matches & a FREE Frooty Acai Bowl for only $50, while benefiting the Dana Hills Wrestling Program!
For more info & registration, go to Subfighterbjj.com
Photo Credit: Blanca Marisa Garcia
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Happy to announce that not only will we will have Mat Therapy at our next event on May 21st, but they will also be doing a live podcast! Sign up Now to reserve your spot for the No Gi Sub Only event at Subfighterbjj.com before we hit capacity. #nextsubfightertourney #russmiurasubfighter #subonly #nogisubonly #socalbjj #ocbjj #socaljiujitsu #nogifamily #ocjiujitsu #ocsubonly #originalsubfightertournaments #mattherapy #mattherapylife

Since I began hosting tournaments back in 2010, I have always stayed true to the reason I started them; to give back to the Jiu Jitsu community & give practitioners opportunities to compete in affordable events that give them multiple matches. With the evoltion & rising popularity of Submission Only events, I wanted to give competitors the opportnity to gain growth through experiece in that format as well. I'm excited to announce our Next tournament, on May 21st we will have our 1st Submission Only event. Our Men's No Gi Submission Classic will be round robin format with modified EBI rules. I also want to announce our Men's Gi Classic on June 11th for white & blue belts. There will be a cap on these events, Registration & information can be found for Any event I'm hosting at Subfighterbjj.com.
Stay tuned, we are also finalizing dates for the next all belt event at Dana Hills High School, as well as an all women's event.
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Photo Credit: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Just want to thank everybody for another fantastic tournament last Sunday. We really have created an amazing tournament together. Throughout the years, the advanced divisions kept getting bigger, this was by far the most stacked advance divisions we have ever had. Over 60 teams were represented and every team fought their heart out, while representing their team & their art. Always such a great feeling to give back to Jiu Jitsu & at the same time also give back to the Wrestling community. We raised over $3500 for the Dana Hills Wrestling Program! Being raised in both wrestling and Jiu Jitsu communities myself, it makes me feel good that I can give back to both at the same time. The super fight was action-packed and did not disappoint with Marvin Castelle pulling off an inverted he'll hook. One of the reasons why I chose Marvin to do our super fight was because he actually started competing in our tournament circuit as a white belt. Today, he is one of the elite competitors on the circuit current & understands the value of doing tournaments like ours. We had another incredible race for the top 3 teams. 10th planet monster squad brought an incredible group of guys that showed up and competed hard edging out 10th planet HQ & Tracy Hess' Subfighter for the top spot & it really came down to the final few weight classes that actually determined the top three placings. A huge honorable mention goes out to both Geo & Richie Martinez's 10th Planet Freaks & Jason Manly's Gracie Fighter Dojo, they brought a very small group of people & still made it in the top 5 overall teams. A special thanks goes out to our sponsors Frooty Acai for making me look like the nice guy, Mat therapy, Newaza apparel, & Conca fight gear; also thanks to the best Athletic Trainer Jerry Laforteza & Blanca Marisa Garcia for taking amazing pictures! Thank you to Dan Camara Robert Kim, Jeff Willingham, Doyal Teel, Sun Yoo, Michael John, & Kadillac Marshbanks for helping referee and making the tournament run smoothly.
Team Standings:
1st - 10th Planet Monster Squad
2nd - 10th Planet HQ
3rd - Tracy Hess' Subfighter
4th - 10th Planet Freaks
5th - Gracie Fighter Dojo

Photo Credit: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Excited to have @blanca_marisa_garcia taking lots of amazing photo's at the No Gi Spring challenge on Sunday! Limited spots available for personal sessions, please contact her to reserve your spot asap!
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There's still time to register for our No Gi Spring Challenge this Sunday at Subfighterbjj.com
Very excited to have added Mat Therapy & Newaza Apparel to our Vendor/Sponsor list, make sure you stop by their booths & check them out. Also make sure you watch Marvin Castelle from 10th Planet HQ & Sach Prakash Singh from Alliance OC put it on the line in our Super Fight at 1pm. Proceeds Benefit the Dana Hills Wrestling Program. Here are some pictures from our last Super Fight between Chad George & Jeff Nolasco.
Photo Credit: Blanca Marisa Garcia
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Happy to announce our Super Fight for March 26th at Dana Hills High School: Marvin Castelle representing 10th Planet HQ versus Sachprakash Singh representing Alliance OC. Can't wait to watch these practitioners display their art! Sign up Now at Subfighterbjj.com
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No Gi Spring Challenge is right around the corner. On March 26th Men, Women, & Kids of all experience levels are Guaranteed at least 2 Matches & a Free Frooty Acai Bowl in a fun environment with no politics, advantages, or referee decisions while supporting the Dana Hills High School Wrestling Program!
10th Planet Monster Squad took the 1st Place Team spot at our Holiday No Gi Challenge, will they keep it or will someone else take over? Sign up Now at Subfighterbjj.com

The following gyms have competitors already registered:
1 on 1
10th Planet Burbank
10th Planet Freaks
10th Planet HQ
10th Planet Monster Squad
10th Planet Van Nuys
Brazilian top team
CFS Jiu Jitsu
Checkmat Buena Park
Checkmat | Millennia MMA
Cho's Academy
Cleber jiujitsu
Combined Martial Science
De La O Jiu Jitsu
Electric Jiu Jitsu
Gracie Barra Carlsbad
Gracie Barra Costa Mesa
Gracie Fighter Dojo
ICA Jiu Jitsu Academy
Legacy Los Angeles
M3 Fight and Fitness
Metroflex LBC
New Breed Academy
Nino Schembri BJJ
Riverside MMA
Rounders MMA
Russ Miura's Subfighter
Smang & bang
Socal Fight Factory
Socal wrestling Club
Subfighter MMA
Submerge Fight Team
Total MMA
Tracy Hess' Subfighter
Triunfo jiujitsu and MMA
UFC Gym Costa Mesa
UFC Gym La Mirada
University of Jiu Jitsu
University of LaVerne
Valhalla BJJ
West Coast Jiu Jitsu

Photo Credit: Blanca Marisa Garcia

Less than 1 month away from our No Gi Spring Challenge! Men, Women, & Kids of ALL experience levels are Guaranteed at least 2 Matches, No Advantages or Referee decisions, & a FREE Frooty Acai Bowl all while helping to support the Dana Hills High Wrestling Program!
Day before weigh in stations confirmed so far:
- Russ Miura's Subfighter - Laguna Hills
- 10th Planet HQ - Los Angeles
- 10th Planet Van Nuys - Van Nuys
- Riverside MMA - Riverside

As well as same day Weigh Ins 730-9am at Dana Hills High School.

Online Registration is open until 3/25 at Subfighterbjj.com
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Price Goes Up Tomorrow for our No Gi Spring Challenge on March 26th at Dana Hills High School! Men, Women, & Kids of All Experience levels are Guaranteed at least 2 Matches & receive a Free Frooty Acai Bowl. Sign up Now at Subfighterbjj.com
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