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Kungsholmens Elevkår  Kungsholmens Gymnasiums Elevkår // The Student Union

The lobbying committee and the influential manager would like to present a movie about the meaning of consent. This is what the word consent means to students at KG. No means no, take care of each other.
Full version can be found on Facebook.

After 3 very long years you, the third years, have finally almost reached the finish line, but there is one thing you all need to do before you leave.
Slutskivan is the best and last party of your KG years, which you definitely don't want to miss
Tomorrow (Monday 22/5) we will start selling tickets and because there is only a limited amount of tickets, make sure you buy your’s ASAP!
The tickets will cost 120 kr for a KG Union member, which means that you will have to show your card when you buy your ticket, and any additional tickets will cost 160 kr. ⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙
Age limit? 18+
Where? Café Opera
Price? Member: 120 kr, Non-members: 160 kr

We are so proud of all our representatives from KG and we congratulate Södra Latin for their victory in Läroverksfejden. Throughout the course of one month, our representatives have fought valiantly. We might not have won this time, but there's always next year ;)

Today (Monday) is the last day to buy your ticket to Läroverksfejdens ESTETIK (including dance, theatre, poetry slam and more) which takes place this Wednesday! You don't want to miss KG winning this at Södra Latin's home turf!
Come and buy tickets, we will be selling between 11-13 outside the lunch room. It'll also be one of the last chances to get a JUST PUG IT shirt, so make sure you drop by.
Pughug <3

In these times of finals, sleep deprivation and stress, it could be helpful to be nostalgic and go back in time to the good ol’ days when we were kids and were asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?
Introducing the theme for the Dress-up Day: What I wanted to be when I grew up! Whether you wanted to be a magician, news reporter or professional ice-cream taster, get dressed-up in your dream job tomorrow!
Enjoy a day of being whoever you want to be! And for all the third graders, why not use this day as inspiration for what to do after graduation ;) Social hug!

During the entire Läroverksfejden there are small competitions, Minideltävlingar, that you can take part in to collect points for Kungsholmen. So if you want KG to get one step closer to winning Läroverksfejden, then make sure that you take part and send in your contributions! This week's MDTs just got posted so make sure to gather your friends and fulfill them so we win! All tasks can be found on LvFs facebook
Pug Hug ❤

TICKETS TO THE RHETORIC PART OF LVF!! Tomorrow we will start selling tickets to Läroverksfejden's second competition: rhetoric! It will be held on our home turf and we want as many people as possible to come and support our competitors! Come and buy tickets, we will be selling between 11-13 tomorrow outside the lunch room!

Pughug <3

We have once again proven which school is the best! Thank you to everyone who came to Zinken yesterday for the fantastic pep and all the chants and a big congratulations to the football teams, the cheerleading team and our fantastic runners. We would also like to give the supporters from the school an extra pat on the back since you showed exemplary behavior before, during and after the competition! Now let's look forward to the next competitions! Pug hug ❤

PS: Congrats to our awesome basketball team that also won all matches today!

We'll be selling this years t-shirt for LvF outside the cafeteria from 8.00-12.30 this Tuesday! It's your only chance to buy it, so make sure to get one! Price: 40kr
Nothing says united as hundreds of people with the same shirt representing the best school.


With only a week left until the hottest event, the ticket sale will begin TOMORROW WEDNESDAY (19/4) from 11-13 as usual outside the cafeteria.

Läroverksfejden is a competition between the three schools Norra, Södra and KG. It is divided into four parts. The first part, sports, takes place already next Tuesday. Make sure to follow @laroverksfejden for all the information and news.

Let us once again show Stockholm which school is the best!

PRICE: 10kr

Pug hug♥

Alla utskottsordföranden står utanför matsalen och värvar stabisar mellan 11-13! Kom och ställ era frågor och skriv upp er för intervju! Pughug<3


Social, Lobbying, Marketing, Event, Project or Service? Which one of the committees is the perfect match for you? Have you thought about applying to a committee or do you just want to know more about what they do?

Come and talk to the presidents of the committees on TUESDAY (18/4) outside the cafeteria from 11.00-13.00! Get the answers to all your questions and sign up for an interview so that YOU can make a difference.

Pug hug<3

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