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Kungsholmens Elevkår  Kungsholmens Gymnasiums Elevkår // The Student Union

As a new semester begins at KG, the summer is coming to an end. Whether you're beginning your first, second or final year, it's important to enjoy the last hot days of the year. Because of this reason, for the second year in a row, the Project Committee presents Capture the water - an epic mash up between Capture The Flag and classic waterfigthing! Come to Rålambshovsparken Friday the 25/8 at 3 pm for a perfect opportunity have a nice reunion with your class, get to know some new people and inspect the new KGare - the lambs!

Minns du din första skoldag? Att gå in genom dom där dörrarna och känna sig rädd, förväntansfull och väldigt vilse? För att hjälpa lammisarna ger Elevkåren dig chansen att söka till vårt program “Student Mentorship” och därmed vara en fadder till ettorna.
Som fadder är ditt jobb att:
- Samla alla namn i din fadderklass och lägg till dom på facebook. Skapa sedan en klass grupp där klassen lätt kan kommunicera - Visa dom runt skolan
- Var uppriktig, berätta vilken lärare man ska akta sig lite extra för och hur man ska smöra på det bästa sättet för att få ett A
- Följ med dom genom sitt första år på KG

Känner du att det låter svårt, ingen fara vi kommer guida och utbilda dig så du känner dig redo när ettorna kommer!
SÖK NU! Länk i bio.

Hi Kungsholmen students! Summer has finally arrived, and you should all be proud of all you've accomplished during the year. As you might recall, The Student Union sent out a few surveys a few weeks ago. One was a survey asking you who you thought should win teacher of the year, and the other one asked the first years who they thought should win fadder of the year. We are glad to announce that for the international section, Gustav Bäckström won teacher of the year and the for the Swedish section, Peter Sörensen won teacher of the year. We are also happy to announce that Lisa Nylander and Sonja Langert are the fadders of the year. Congratulations to all of these people, who should most definitely be proud of the amazing work they've done over the year!
Pug hug,
Social and Lobbying

Slutgrillen sponsras av POP Fruits! Så på fredag kommer det finnas massor av gratis glass!! Vi ses i Rålis!

Social Hug!
Sociala Utskottet

Betygen är satta, alla prov och inlämningar är klara. Äntligen är det sommarlov och för att fira detta så kör vi en grill med skolans ettor, tvåor och (fd) treor. Kom till Rålis, käka en korv och njut av ledigheten. På torsdag kommer vi släppa vilken hemlig överraskning som kommer finnas på eventet på fredag! Glöm inte att man kan ha kul utan alkohol!
Vart- Rålis
När - Fredag 12:00

Social hug!
The Social Committee

Do you have a camera and a passion for photography? Are you interested of being part of something (relatively) unique and cool? The Marketing Committee are creating a new project, Humans of KG, and we need photographers who think this would be something for them.

What is Humans of KG?
Think @humansofny but with KGers, right here at KG.
Are you interested or do you have any questions?
Contact Andrea Aram via FB or at 0700914804.


The very first Service Bjuder of the year is here! It is one of the events you guys have been asking for and now it is finally here! So make sure you drop by danssalen at 14:40 on Tuesday where you'll find lots of goodies waiting for you!


The lobbying committee and the influential manager would like to present a movie about the meaning of consent. This is what the word consent means to students at KG. No means no, take care of each other.
Full version can be found on Facebook.

After 3 very long years you, the third years, have finally almost reached the finish line, but there is one thing you all need to do before you leave.
Slutskivan is the best and last party of your KG years, which you definitely don't want to miss
Tomorrow (Monday 22/5) we will start selling tickets and because there is only a limited amount of tickets, make sure you buy your’s ASAP!
The tickets will cost 120 kr for a KG Union member, which means that you will have to show your card when you buy your ticket, and any additional tickets will cost 160 kr. ⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙
Age limit? 18+
Where? Café Opera
Price? Member: 120 kr, Non-members: 160 kr

We are so proud of all our representatives from KG and we congratulate Södra Latin for their victory in Läroverksfejden. Throughout the course of one month, our representatives have fought valiantly. We might not have won this time, but there's always next year ;)

Today (Monday) is the last day to buy your ticket to Läroverksfejdens ESTETIK (including dance, theatre, poetry slam and more) which takes place this Wednesday! You don't want to miss KG winning this at Södra Latin's home turf!
Come and buy tickets, we will be selling between 11-13 outside the lunch room. It'll also be one of the last chances to get a JUST PUG IT shirt, so make sure you drop by.
Pughug <3

In these times of finals, sleep deprivation and stress, it could be helpful to be nostalgic and go back in time to the good ol’ days when we were kids and were asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?
Introducing the theme for the Dress-up Day: What I wanted to be when I grew up! Whether you wanted to be a magician, news reporter or professional ice-cream taster, get dressed-up in your dream job tomorrow!
Enjoy a day of being whoever you want to be! And for all the third graders, why not use this day as inspiration for what to do after graduation ;) Social hug!

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