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Style Me Sunday | Natalie  Fashion with Feeling. Exploring body image + self acceptance. Come join me on my journey. Founder: #WarriorWomanProject PR:

Sometimes you just got to own it. Flick that switch, the power is all in your hands. 💋 [Image description: me kneeling on a bed with a yellow high leg swimsuit, a colourful headwrap and gold/ marble effect sunglasses on]

Sometimes the journey is even better than the destination. Recently I was waiting in a very long queue to go into a music festival. Whilst waiting I asked my friend and her sister loads of questions about their childhood because I was truly interested in finding out more about them. I found out things that I would have never learned had we not had that time together before the music and the dancing took over and talking was no longer an option. It made me remember to appreciate the journey as much as the destination, because there are moments of magic at very stage. Photo by @oliverpilcherphotography ❤️ [Image description: picture of myself, my family and our friends, standing at the edge of the sea on a beach watching the sunset. The photo is taken from the back of us.]

Occasionally I don’t practise what I preach and I hate on my body, especially my stomach. Today however, is not one of those days. Today I’m thankful. Thankful for the belly that housed two children and kept them nourished and safe. Thankful to the tummy for feeding me every day, for keeping me physically strong and alive. Thankful for the softness, stretchiness and the roundness - I may not appreciate you every single day of my life but today I really do. And I will keep working on feeling thankful every single minute of every single day.

One thing we can all agree on is that we’ll all die. So, wear the short shorts, skinny dip in the sea, wear all the sequins on the school run, dance like you're crazy, try new flavours, speak up if someone offends you, love with everything you have, and sing at the top of your lungs. If you want to do it, don't worry about making a fool of yourself, failing or being hurt, at least you know you've lived fully. This week’s #FridayFinger goes to holding back, what's stopping you? [Image description: I’m standing knee deep in a swimming pool holding up my two middles fingers. I have a red swimsuit on that says “hello summer” I have a happy/ surprised expression on my face] #StyleMeSunday #Lifeisforliving #baywatchbabe #afrogirl

Oprah says the best gift we can give ourselves is time. I don’t know exactly what she means by this but I interpret it this way: Time to understand ourselves in more depth - why we do the things we do, time to process the feelings that arise from this knowledge, time to heal and work through the myriad of emotions that come up and time to grow - to change the script and live the life we want to live rather than just being a product of stuff that has happened to us. These paths can take days, weeks, months or many years. There are no boundaries except life itself. Allowing yourself the time and starting the journey can be the hardest thing to do. Some things cannot be rushed. And you are more than deserving. I’m not entirely sure this makes sense to anyone else but me, I hope it does? [Image description: shot from behind in a dark grey bikini, so you can see the back of me. I’m on holiday and there is a swimming pool on the left of the picture. Low red flowers on my right side. My hair is in a messy (just got out of bed) afro] #time #oprah #growth #heal #stylemesunday

Always processing. I had a lightbulb moment during a recent interview about where it all stemmed from. I knew that this phase of my body confidence journey started after I had my first daughter and hating what I saw in the mirror. I hadn’t acknowledged the underlying truth behind the physical reaction I felt when I caught a glimpse of myself. I had been unable to give birth naturally, and I have only just realised that this made me feel like my vessel had let me down when I’d needed it the most. After all, isn’t that what women’s body are ultimately for? *I don’t actually believe this, but the societal binds are difficult to shake off. I had a sense of shame and unworthiness following the birth and I pushed it away with an air of arrogance. After all I was a midwife, intellectually I knew that births often don’t go to plan and I knew mine wasn’t exactly a unique experience. But that didn’t stop me hoping, wishing, dreaming of the birth I had wanted and the emotional hangover when it didn’t happen. I used to joke that I had a planned c-sect with my second daughter because I didn’t want to f**k up two areas unnecessarily. I was cocky because I was covering up my vulnerability. I didn’t want to try for a natural birth second time round because I didn’t want to open myself up to feeling vulnerable again and then not be able to do it. Writing this makes me feel incredibly sad, so I know I’m speaking from a place of deep rooted feelings that I’ve tried very hard to push away. The acknowledgment has started, the processing is occurring and the healing is beginning... I would be interested in hearing your experiences, not just about birth, but anything that has significantly impacted on your relationship with your body? [Image description: me standing in a dark grey bikini on holiday with the pool on the left of the picture. My expression is neutral/ reflective. I’m looking straight at the camera] #bodyimage #bodyconfidence #birthtrauma #processing #healing

I did a little happy dance when this suit worked out so well. I find they can be a bit tricky sometimes but these cropped trousers and longer than normal jacket work really well. Also loving the detail down the side. I wore this to travel in - which worked out well, better than the time I stupidly wore a jumpsuit. Thanks for this corker @marksandspencer 👍🏽 #mymands #ad [Image description: a close up pic of my side profile wearing a checked suit with a white and red line down the side, I’m standing by a window with the sun glistening through, my suitcase is in the background]

I’ve written a post about celebrities, specifically @beyonce when she opened up about her FUPA whilst talking to @voguemagazine about her post-babies body. Would love to hear your thoughts? Link in bio. 💋#bodyacceptance #fupa #beachbodyiseverybody #bikini #mumbod #stylemesunday [image description: Me in a high waisted bikini - black and white striped top and red bottoms with a big gold necklace, colourful head scarf and big earrings - looking fierce on holiday]

I’m not really sure why cellulite has been demonised so much. Actually that’s bullshit, I know exactly why we are conditioned to hate a perfectly normal part of our bodies, that even newborn babies have, because they want us to spend 💷💷💷 trying to get rid of it. Well fuck that - I’ve have more important things to spend my money on. [image description: a close pic of my body side profile, wearing a bright yellow swimsuit and a leopard print boobtube, with cellulite visible on my thigh] 💛💛💛

If you could please just stop taking my photo for one minute! #yepitsonselftimer 😜 #StyleMeSunday #Sundaystyle

We don't know, what we don't know. One of the best things about Instagram is you get to speak your truth without being interrupted and people get to see things from where you stand. Like yesterday, I got to voice some of the frustrations I experience with having an afro - you guys listened and I felt grateful. There are many things that I have no experience of and at those times I'm happy to say ”I don't know, please tell me more” and I listen. Different people have different causes and I'm not here to represent one and all, I can only represent myself. It becomes problematic when people like to talk about things they know very little about - I like to call it bullshitting. And I try incredibly hard not to bullshit. There's a tendency in all of us to try and appear knowledgable in a topic when really all we need to do is shut up, listen and learn. #FridayFinger #FridayFingertobullshit #Listeningisabigskill #wedontknowwhatwedontknow #bullshit #stylemesunday

“Your hair looks like a broom” “I just find afros funny” are among some of the things that have been said about my hair recently. This is my natural hair. It has taken me a long time to accept and learn to love my hair. When ignorant people make remarks it stings. I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t. It doesn’t hurt because I give a shit about what they think, it saddens me because I thought we’d moved on. It’s been a life-long sore point that I’m not welcomed at most hairdressers in the UK. That hair stylists at shoots ask me if I can do my hair myself. Afro hair is a hair type, not an affliction. And my hair is just as important as any other hair type. I no longer feel the need to fit in with your beauty standards. I am comfortable being me, despite what conscious and unconscious messages I receive. #afro #stylemesunday #afrogirl #acceptance

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