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Weather Report: 100% chance of sweatpants the rest of the weekend 🌨️🌧️ #NoJeansJanuary 🚫👖

It's like, sometimes, we're ALL Carries
#NoJeansJanuary 🚫👖 📸: @revolve

Oh hey. Whatcha wearing to work tomorrow? #NoJeansJanuary

We bet you look really great in your (denim-free?!?!) looks! Tag us in a selfie, why don't you? #NoJeansJanuary 🚫👖
📸: @velvetcoke

When it's already late but Netflix autoplay rolls into a new episode and you're like, "Eh, I can get up a little later tomorrow" just remember, jeans don't have to be your default in-a-hurry, late to work outfit. #NoJeansJanuary

"Hey, nice pants." Probably everyone, to you this weekend while you're out wearing anything BUT jeans for Day 12 of #NoJeansJanuary
📸: @gabriele_gud

Saturday?! More like!! (Sorry, we'll see ourselves out) #NoJeansJanuary #denimdetox 🚫👖

So, why do we push you guys to do #NoJeansJanuary, year after year?
Because it’s easy to fall into ruts, in every aspect of your life, and it’s hard to claw your way out of them. Too many late nights binging Netflix even as you keep telling yourself you’ll use your free time to work on that startup idea stuck in your brain. Or doing your usual leisurely 13-minute/mile run on the treadmill at the gym while nervously eyeing that Pilates class in the corner studio (would it help your back problems?). Showing up at work with a “It’s a venti coffee kind of day” passive aggressive attitude but you haven’t updated your resume in two years.

At Style Girlfriend, we believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you’re sailing through life with an unthoughtful, phoning-it-in wardrobe that makes you feel supremely mehhhhhhh, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You could have it so much better! And sure, while we could lead off with how much better you’d feel if you tried that fitness class, or would have a better relationship with your significant other if you talked to a therapist and finally figured out your daddy issues (yes, guys have them too). Or got your ass on LinkedIn and found a career, not just a job….Literally all we’re asking is for you to wake up for one month and be like, “Not today, Satan” at your jeans drawer.

If you’ve been feeling like a stalled car in need of a jump start, why *not* take advantage of this challenge? You can still drink. You can still eat carbs. You don’t have to tell a stranger about how you peed the bed until you were 14. Like, it’s easy af. And it’ll make a huge difference in how you see yourself and your ability to change. We promise it’s not a stretch to say if you can change your pants, you can change your life. 📸: @oaknashville

Taking on the day with trousers that mean business

Basically #NoJeansJanuary

Supremely neutral olive chinos on a hot pink background is really the Monday morning vibe we should all aspire to

Kurt and Goldie are a Sunday stroll MOOD

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