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I have retyped this caption so many times as I try to grasp my feelings. This week has been a rollercoaster, emotions have been all over the place. I’ve felt hurt, angry, embarrassed, happy, proud and loved .
This weekend was exactly what I needed. My heart is so full. My testimony has been strengthened. I had specific questions and all of them were answered more than once.
I know that our Heavenly Father knows each and one of us and our circumstances. He is aware of our troubles, because he has experienced them.
The more we love God and his children, the happier we will become🖤 #ldsconf #sharegoodness #positivevibes #momlife #momof3

I’m going going
Back back
To the 90’s, 90’s 😎#aztrek #reebook #champsaztrek #sponsored

The best part about this video are the words that @ohheynag said afterwards “Your party was immaculate. Watching those ladies as they were having so much fun. And them not have to worry about getting hit on”. We danced our hearts out! Thank you for the memories friends and thank you @socialhitchmarketing for capturing it so well🙏🏾🖤 @wrighthouseweddings @kwentertainment_llc . #moms #halloweenparty #arizona #momlife

I cannot remember last time I danced my butt off like last night...literally 🤣🍑! A HUGE thank you to @wrighthouseweddings for the beautiful venue and hosting us, @sugarlanebakery & @jensharvey for literally doing all the things to make this possible! @kwentertainment_llc for being the coolest djs, if you ever thought moms didn’t get down...ask them😂.
Thank you to my panel girls, they did a phenomenal job and I loved hearing their stories and the companies who donated prizes!!!@popup_photoshop for the awesome backdrop and @sevinphotos for being the best photographer out there and making all my dreams come true.
Last but not least, THANK YOU! Yes, YOU girls who came and danced your hearts out. You will never know how much that makes my heart swell. I’m so grateful for this little community, the friendships made and the love spread.
Love you all so much🖤🖤🖤🖤 #momlife #positivevibes #trickortreatyourselfaz #arizona

Hide yo kids
Hide yo wife
Hide yo @premierprotein cause everybody wants them.
Also they are now 💯 recyclable!!! Happy October friends🖤 #premierprotein #EarthFirst #gogreen #ad

It was a Friday 7 years ago, I had gotten my wisdom teeth taken out. Ben was on fatty duty and took care of me all day! Everyone was going to a party but he had different plans. He was very persistent about me resting.
I on the other hand felt fine and didn’t need to rest😅. We ended up going to the Provo temple (because that was our thing). Except this time we got there late and the workers told us we had little time before they had to close the gates.
We walked, talked, laughed and then he got real serious. We turned around a corner and he said some romantic things, got down on one knee and all I remember was screaming YES!!!!
We kissed, I mean made out 😉 then got locked in the temple grounds. We laughed some more, jumped the gates and called our families. Even though I have a different ring (thanks Olivia🙄) I loved you then and I love you even more now🖤. #momlife #momof3 #lovehim #familiesareforever

Olivia goes to ballet in her costume.
New book coming soon 🐽🖤. #aliceandames #momof3

Who remembers what ben said about these pants 😂😂😂?These pants are as soft as butter!!! One of the items I kept from my @dailylook box, and I'm obsessed with them!
I love the idea of trying everything on at home, you pay for what you keep and send the rest back! So easy :) Use code "Fatima10" to get $10 off your first box! Happy shopping ;) #elevateyourstyle #momof3 #momlife

“The tender mercies of the Lord are real and do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence.” David A. Bednar

I believe this with my whole being. So many things were said in church today that were exactly what I needed to hear. As conference is approaching, I challenge you all to prepare the best you can to receive guidance. Search, pray, take notes...because tender mercies and blessings are everywhere🖤 #sharegoodness #nenaandco #positivevibes

Dear Mom, it’s me – Kingston! Thank you for taking me with you when you workout and making sure I always run, play and have fun! I know I’m a Big Kid now that we do that funny thing you call “Yoga” together– did you see how I can touch my toes? With my @PullUps on I can keep stretching with you and slide them on and off all by myself when I go potty before I’m onto the next challenge!#Imbigkidnow #ad #pottytraining

“Because I have been given much, I too must give”.
The reason behind my events is to build a community where women can come to meet new people, connect, network and build new friendships. I am particularly excited for the trick or treat event happening October 2nd. It will be a Halloween themed dance party, and yes you must dress up😇. In the past I have had speakers but this time we will be having a panel with @jaxnblvd, @soelsister, @paigechristensen and @lettercraft. Come prepared to ask any questions you have from these incredible moms that I truly look up to.
We will have food, candy bar and of course so many fun prizes! Swipe 👉🏾 to know how to purchase your ticket!! I cannot wait to hang out with you guys, and thank you for your continual support🖤
PC: Olivia, 3 years old☺️ #treatyoselfaz #momlife #momssupportingmoms

Another day another jumpsuit😍🖤 #momlife #momof3 #nenaandco

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