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Fatima Dedrickson  Mommy lifestyle/fitness blogger|LDS|Personal trainer|Photographer|UT to AZ🌵 Collaborations: manziemie@gmail.com


This is how my mama carried me, glad I get to do the same❤️ Also loving my new watch from @danielwellington , use code "STYLEFITFATTY15" for 15% off! Happy Monday friends! #momlife #momofthree #dwclassicpetite #ad

"If today you are a little bit better than you were yesterday, then that's enough." - David A. Bednar

Ben and I talked about our goals this week. While it's easy to feel discouraged for not reaching the goals just yet, it's so important to remember the little successes along the way. Here's to being better than we were yesterday. Also this dress from @daisyloveboutique is my new favorite💙. #momlife #sharegoodness #momofthree

The one tip you need for having a rocking swimsuit bod this summer!
Put on a swimsuit, and ROCK YOUR BOD! .
I honestly cringe every time I hear "gotta get swimsuit ready". The mentality that we need to stress to physically get "swimsuit ready for summer" is CRAP! Your body is ALREADY READY. Right now. It's your mind and your confidence that you may need to convince, and that is really hard when you're being told the opposite (specially through social media). So hi 👋🏾, you are beautiful just the way you are and you are entitled to rock whatever swimsuit you feel comfortable and confident in!
For those thinking "that's easy for you to say"...please don't. After having my first, I was so stressed about what "others" thought of me and what I looked like. I was a collegiate athlete, so fit and never worried about what I looked like. But after having my first, gaining weight, body changing. I was picking my body apart and very self conscious. Insecurities are normal and I have worked very hard to unlearn that mentality and build the confidence I have now. Which is something I feel EVERY woman deserves. I am writing this because I wish someone told me this a long time ago, specially after my firstborn. There's nothing wrong with setting physical goals, but there's EVERYTHING wrong thinking that you are unworthy now while working towards those goals. Choose to love yourself while working on yourself❤️. #momofthree #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #realtalk

Your fitness is mental, you body won't go where your mind doesn't push it 🙌🏾💪🏾 1. Lunge twists - 12/side
2. Lunge squat combo- 21 total
3. Commandos - 14 reps
4. Plank L -12/side
5. Wall sits-30 seconds
6. Squat jumps- 30 seconds
Repeat 3 times total

#fitnesswithfatty #postpartumfitness #momofthree

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and with whoever makes you smile☺️❤️. #momlife #momofthree #happiness

When in doubt, dance it out. I sent this picture to my mom and she said "this is you as a child, always dancing"💃🏾 #juneandjanuary #momlife

"Mom, can I do it" this girl loves helping me in the kitchen, it's seriously so cute! Gotta start them young right!? Even though cooking with littles might take a little longer, it is so worth it! We have loved our @hellofresh dinners, fresh ingredients, easy recipes, yummy food and it comes straight to your door!! Also convenient if you are super busy! If you haven't tried it yet, you are missing out!! Use code stylefit30 to get $30 off your first box, link in bio!! ❤️ #ad #momlife #hellofresh

Keep your chin up, I mean double chin up🤣 #momlife #laughing #wovenpear

I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off🤦🏾‍♀️. #momlife #groopdealz #ad

Life isn't perfect but it has perfect moments💃🏾❤️. #momlife #momofthree

Just me and my girlfriend, having some one-on-one time together❤️ #minime #momlife #momofthree

"Happiness in marriage and parenthood can exceed a thousand times any other happiness." - Gordon B. Hinckley

I gave a talk today in church, and bragged all about this guy. I'm so glad that you're my baby daddy. Happy Father's Day my love💙 #fathersday #fatherhood #lovehim

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