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girlfriend appreciation post. it's been awhile since i've posted on instagram, work and other adulting took over and i'd rather spend my free time with my girlfriend than worrying about my feed. i just wanted to share with instagram one of my favorite selfies from my girl and send some appreciation her way. she has been a phenomenal influence in my life and she puts so much time, energy, and thought into me that i just can't help but burst with love. this christmas came a little early for me as we cracked and she gave me all my presents already lol. every single thing she got me was unexpected and completely adored and once again she has outdone me. i love this woman with every ounce of my being. she is my motivation. she is my light. she is my energy. she means everything to me and i am truly enamored with her. i will probably continue my hiatus from instagram, but i just had to show some love for my beautiful sunflower.

|find the beauty in the gloom|

|you look like the rest of my life|
thank you arianna for such a wonderful 23rd birthday and every other day to come. i love you sweetheart ❤

|there is something tremendously beautiful about you|

|you don't need six figures to experience the world|

|listen to the kids|

|don't forget the happy thoughts; all you need is happy thoughts|

|happiness is not a checklist|

|prone to wander, but born to lead|

|don't have to be dead right|

|83 years old and standing strong|

|i come alive in the fall time|

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