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So ë Stevens  womenswear🌹

⭐️Old but Gold⭐️ #20


“You don’t understand. This is an Alaïa.”

Happy 27th Anniversary to my mum and dad ❤️. (1991)

Happy birthday to this genius of a man🌹 #ripazzedinealaïa

♠️tb w/ my Brodie xxxx

1969: Vogue Italia featuring Missoni


Tutti-Frutti, Helen Frankenthaler, 1966 ❤️

Pink Angels, William de Kooning, 1945 🍭👄

👸🏾Happy birthday to my amazing mum!! As I've grown older I've started to see you have moulded yourself into the parent I needed, in EVERY situation throughout my life. You have had my back when even I didn't have it!!👼🏾❤️!! You are THE MUM I have always and will always need!! I don't really know how you do it and it doesn't always seem like it, but I appreciate the lengths you go to just to ensure I am happy. There's no paragraph I could write that could match up to the way I feel about you but I'm writing this anyway because i think this needs to be documented. In that deck of cards you will always be the Ace of Spades. I hope you have the day you deserve and I love you more than you could ever imagine!!🎂🍾🍾👯👯♠️♠️👯👯

My straight jackets custom made though (with fucking rubies) I'm crazy just like Galileo ♠️👯@burberry

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